[Review] Summer Rain – GFriend

GFriend has made their return with their repackaged album for Parallel, which has been titled as Rainbow. The girls were last on stage a month ago promoting Love Whisper. This time around, their lead title track is Summer Rain.

Summer Rain, in my opinion, takes a step back from the girl’s usual style. I say that because the song lacks intensity and focuses on a more ‘innocent’ sound. Why do I think that way? The lack of electric guitar is one the one thing that got me from thinking that. Despite the group already mastering the innocent concept, the infamous electric guitar has always been featured in their title tracks and that provided a blast of intensity. Instead, for this song, the intensity seems to be spread evenly throughout the song through the more orchestral based instrumental. Their vocals, which is quite good here, also lends a hand in that aspect. That is just my rough analysis/thoughts and comparison to their past songs (and by no means am I an expert in music, so that could all be wrong). Overall, I like the song because it is different (though the electric guitar will be missed). I think the sample that they used gave a bitter- sweet sound that almost reminds you of rain droplets, which matches the song quite nicely.

The music video, like the song, was captivating. I felt drawn to the music video due to the music. While it doesn’t seem that different compared to other GFriend music videos out there, their concept was quite nice. The pairing of the two could be described as refreshing almost. The video features the girls waiting for their special someone to come but towards the end of the video, each of them realizes that special someone isn’t going to come for them, leaving the girls standing in the rain alone. I think it is a video done right for the song.

The choreography is quite nice. The music calls for a softer side of their choreography and that is exactly what you get. Some of the moves, from the music video, (what I think) were ballerina moves. You can also tell that they elegance is portrayed through to the dance as well. The ‘flower ending’ looks very nice and has become my favourite part so far (and I haven’t seen a full performance yet!).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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