[Double Review] Runaway + I Love You – Bobby (iKON)

Bobby from iKON is finally making his solo comeback. Runaway and I Love You are the two title tracks off his self-composed full-length album, which is a surprisingly amazing feat from a solo artist. The album itself is titled as Love and Fall and consist of 10 tracks in total. He previously promoted as a solo artist with Holup!, just before debuting with Mino from Winner as MOBB.

Let’s take a moment and give Bobby an applause for Runaway. Just by reading the title of the song, you can tell that this song is going to go deep. The lyrics are just proof of that. But moving to the song, the main reason to why I asked for an applause because it ticks all the right boxes. The instrumental/melody/ beat was intense and built up to be quite epic. His delivery of his lines and his vocals just fit the song so well, channeling the emotions of the lyrics soundly. I really liked the roughness his voice added, which contributed to that intensity that the song had. Bobby nails this one perfectly.

As for I Love You, the song is more upbeat and less serious compared to Runaway. But it stands out for its own reason. The tropical house sound goes nicely with Bobby’s vocals, which he has turned the roughness down a bit for this song. The song is quite catchy and has a nice drop. I like his changes in tempos, especially during the bridge of the song where he goes from fast to slow and then back to fast. It makes sense and feels right. I do like the song quite a bit, but don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t sound as spectacular and epic as Runaway.

Runaway‘s music video consists of a lot running. Just in case if that wasn’t obvious. But the video, overall, left a deep impression on me. Along with the lyrics, the video is something that I  relate to. Sometimes, you just want to run away from everything that surrounds you. The literal meaning of the quoted Bible verse seems to go well with the video as well. The music video for I Love You is a complete turnaround. Like the song’s sound, it reflects the Summer season nicely. Watching it makes me miss Summer. But honestly, it felt like a standard Summer video, with nothing else to offer.

Hopefully, there will be some performances of these songs. Ideally, Runaway won’t have one and I Love You demands one. I won’t include the numbers for now (because things do look a little bleak with the music shows) but shall return if he does get around to performing them!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

I Love You
Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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