[Double Review] Sleepless Rainy Night + Last Night Story – IU

After her promotions of Palette earlier this year, IU has made her surprising return to the music industry with another remake album. Her previous remake album, A Flower Bookmark, was released in 2014. This sequel to the album, A Flower Bookmark 2, features a number of singles. Autumn Morning was unexpectedly released earlier than the rest of the album and the two songs taken into account for this review are Sleepless Rainy Night and Last Night Story.

Sleepless Rainy Night is a remake of the same-titled track by Kim Gun Mo. Her rendition takes the track to a much slower tempo but also gives it a jazzier vibe. Like the original, she gives her tries are sing-rapping or rapping in general in some parts. And like any other IU song, she handles it pretty well. Her vocals make the song sound dreamy and smooth, which is something that I like. It is very easy to the ears. Compared to the rest of the song on the album, this one isn’t the best one. But it is still one pretty nice remake cover.

The original singers of Last Night Story are Sobangcho, a trio who made their debut in 1987. IU’s version is a lot cleaner, in terms of the instruments used, and the modern feel. But the same beat and rhythm seem to remain to the song. The upbeat nature of IU’s version make this song easy to get into and it makes me want to dance.  The short instrumental breaks make everything a lot more tempting. Once again, she shines, vocally, in the song.

Unfortunately, Sleepless Rainy Night does not have a music video (that, or it hasn’t appeared in my subscriptions yet). So I will be making my rating based on the song alone. On the other hand, there is a music video (and choreography) for Last Night Story and I love both equally. The video is extremely cute and the choreography is something that I would probably do at a party. No shame there. The video left such an impression on me for its crazy that I could actually put this down as one of the best music videos of the year. I know how it sounds, but I thought the elements (i.e. sets, use of backup dancers, props, IU’s acting) was amazing.

Sleepless Rainy Night 
Song & Overall Rating – 8/10

Last Night Story
Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10



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