[Review] Take My Hand – APRIL

April has returned during the week with their third comeback of 2017. The girls made their first comeback at the start of the year with April Story and in May with Mayday. Their third comeback is in the form of their 4th mini-album, titled as Eternity and the title track is Take My Hand.

Take My Hand has one powerful instrumental. From the very start to the end, the instrumental has been the standout aspect of the entire song. The mix of classical with the electronic synths sounds really cool. Their vocal work in this song is pretty good. But the song is far from perfect. The first major observation is that the song didn’t have that catchiness that makes many KPOP songs addictive. Going hand-in-hand with that observation is that the song does really peak as well. It remains relatively neutral and it would have been better to have it kicked into a more addictive gear with a hook. The next thing I noticed was that the song seemed to be jammed together. Rather than having small breaks along the way, it felt more like a blur and in combination with the idea that the song doesn’t have any catchy moments, the song does fall behind its competition and the girl’s previous tracks. While there are aspects that I like, the song does fall short.

The few times I have watched the video, I thought it was boring. But after looking into it in detail, it actually became quite interesting. Essentially, the plotline is that the girls are shy and are hesitant when it comes to confessing to their crush. Their crush just seems to brush things off and goes on with his day. Wanting a second wish, they find this prayer that allows them to have a second chance at confessing to the guy, which in the end, they manage to get. Quite an interesting storyline, considering how it fits in nicely with the accompanying English lyrics. The choreography scenes look great but I am not a major fan of their outfits this time around. Not one to mention it, but it was one of the first things to pop into my head when I watched the video the first time around.

The performance is quite nice, but it doesn’t have a memorable move or sequence. I did like their jammed-packed chorus because there was a mix of elegance but also a little abstract from what I can see.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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