[Album Review] Rollin’ (7th Mini Album) – B1A4

B1A4 has made their return with Rollin’, which is a shared title between the mini-album and title track. This is my review of their album, which I have been trying to post weekly. Things may get a little funky in the coming weeks, but I will put them out eventually. Now, let’s go on with B1A4’s release.

Rollin’ Album Cover

1..Rollin’Click here for the full review of Rollin’ (9/10)

2. You Need Me (너는 내가 필요해) – The group continues their electronic sound with You Need Me. This, though, feels more like a B1A4 song and could have featured on their previous albums. The song;s instrumental is quite intense and gives the song that energetic side, which actually catches on quite quickly. The slowdown for the bridge does take away from that energetic feel, but the contrast was nice. This entire track is a standout on this album. (9/10)

3. Love Emotion – Now, for a much slower song. Love Emotion is more of a RnB track with a synth-based instrumental. Unlike the previous songs, Love Emotion doesn’t really yell out to me and it does get hidden within the rest of the album. To me, it would have done well if it followed a track like Sweet Girl. But here, it just doesn’t stand out. (7/10)

4. Smile Mask – The song features a rock style ballad with a strong pop influence. What makes the song more memorable was the instrumental, which has a few different quirks here and there that keeps the track engaging to listen to. The rough rap from Baro, along with the vocals, do give the track some colour as well. Not too keen on the bridge of the song but everything else was fantastic. (8/10)

5. Call Me (내게 전화해) – Another track that does seem to get forgotten in the midst of the other songs. The track has a more subtle instrumental, which does contribute to its underwhelming sound. And while the vocals/rap try to make up for that with its ear-catching deliver, it just wasn’t enough to get it over the line. (6/10)

6. Like A Child (아이처럼) – The mandatory ballad of all KPOP albums has been chosen to end the album. And while it does sound like I dread it, the track isn’t that bad.  The song could have used a stronger chorus as there was practically no difference between the chorus and verses. But vocally, they manage to display their skills throughout the song. It was a very touching song to finish off the album (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.5/10

Rollin’ Teaser Image

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