[Review] DDD – EXID

EXID has made their return with DDD. This is their first comeback since Night Rather Than Day and their Eclipse mini-album. This is also their first comeback with Solji since she announced her hiatus due to health issues. However, despite featuring on the album and in the actual title track, she is not promoting alongside the group this time around, so fans must wait a little longer. But regardless, it is great to have her back with her group and (somewhat) in her element.

I personally think DDD is an excellent song. Yes, it feels similar to their past hits like Up & Down and Ah Yeah but it can stand alone. I really like how they surround LE’s rap with the vocals, something they did in Ah Yeah that blew my mind. That structure shows off some creativity. The good thing is that they haven’t done it with every single comeback since then, so it feels somewhat fresh. Plus the contrast between the high-pitch vocals and LE’s edgy raps add a nice appeal. The chorus takes a turn to standard pop while the verse felt more grungy and tough. But that also has a nice contrast with the upbeat instrumental that featured in the chorus. The vocals themselves are definitely another standout to the song, particularly the addition of Solji’s to the mix, which was definitely missed (but Hyerin has been doing amazing covering for the missing member). The best part of the song was the “Dul Dul Dul“. So catchy and addictive. It is up there with all my favourite EXID songs.

덜 (I know, I am including Korean in my review. This is a first.) is basically a slang way of expressing the shaking feeling you get when you are surprised or shocked (Source). And the way they managed to represent it in the music video is by coldness. It goes hand in hand. But the girls manage to take it all back to their sexy days (which started their fame in the first place) with this video. I pretty much thought this was a great video. Through the different camera angles (check out the see-through floor) and the cinematography throughout the video, you can see that this video is well-produced and put together. I love the concept and how all the members stand out in it. It does remind me of Up and Down quite a bit but with a different flare to it. 

The most disappointing part of the choreography is the lack of key dance moves. I don’t find anything that stands out as a moment that would make me think and say ‘this is the DDD dance’. It just felt ordinary.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 9/10 
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 8.65/10


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