[Album Review] Basic (6th Studio Album) – Brown Eyed Girls

So I have a long list of albums that I wanted to do a review for. And that list just keeps on growing when I remember more artists. So, while I bulk write some album reviews for the next year, I have decided to release a few. Another one or two will be released this month, depending on the release dates to some of the albums for December 2017. The focus of this album review is Brown Eyed Girls most recent release, Basic. It was unveiled at the end of 2015 but didn’t do that well on the charts (from what I could remember). But it is one of their best albums to date (the other is Sixth Sense).

Basic Album Cover

1..Time For Ice-cream – I think this is an ideal opener to the album. The jazzy track grabs your attention with its unique sound from the very start. The lyrics were quite suggestive, despite the innocent title misconception. The vocals and raps were good but not impressive. The idea behind the track was good but I just don’t think it was delivered in a favourable manner. (8/10)

2. Warm HoleClick here to read the full review of Warm Hole. (9/10)

3. Wave – The soft piano and funky instrumental works really well together. I also loved the guitar riffs in the song. I also think this is one of the best tracks, vocally, on the album. The raps were also equally awesome. The combination of everything makes it a track to die for and it remains interesting each time I listen to it. (10/10)

4. Brave New WorldClick here to read the full review of Brave New World. (8/10)

5. ObsessionObsession has a nice Latin influence that sounds extremely seductive. This statement is the most applicable to the song’s rap section. The harmonies were on point and JeA does the bridge justice. The song just doesn’t feel grand compared to some other tracks on the album. (7/10)

6. God Particle – With the start of the album focusing on darker and serious sounds, it is nice to see a brighter song, giving the album a ‘breath of life’ of some sort. I really liked the bold instrumental, which consists of drums and horns. The vocals and raps were amazing. Miryo gave the track a more retro feel. The best part was the ending, with the ad-lib and cymbals. (9/10)

7. LightLight is a ballad with a hip-hop twist, given Miryo’s rap. Out of all the tracks on the album, their vocals are the best in this song. The song is quite uplifting and the chorus itself felt like the light at the end of a dark tunnel, making it the most impactful song on the entire album. (10/10)

8. Atomic – Returning to the brighter side of the album, Atomic feels extremely retro and I felt that it could have easily passed off as a song on the Hairspray (‘70s) with its showtune sound. Vocal work here is quite nice and it was extremely catchy. The track itself had a ‘dynamite’ moment with the ad-lib at the end of the track. (9/10)

9. Dice Game – I admit the Spanish flare was extremely strong in this track and the vocals were quite nice. But sadly, I am not keen on the track, particularly the autotune in the background during the chorus. Also, the rap section felt skippable, as with the rest of the track. (6/10)

10. Fractal – The ballad and guitar-based instrumental made the track sound quite beautiful. The vocal sand harmonies in the track were also quite delightful. The only issue with this track is the abrupt ending, which meant the entire album ended on an abrupt note. But overall, still, a nice track to listen to. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

Basic Teaser Image

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