[Review] Lip & Hip – Hyuna

Hyuna is back with her latest comeback, Lip & Hip. This is her second solo comeback this year, with the first being Babe, released back in August. Overall, it is her third comeback of the year due to her promotions as part of Triple H. While her newest track was released today, she made their comeback performance at the MelOn Music Awards (MMA), which occurred on Saturday.

I was quite happy with the outcome of Babe when it was released and it seems like Lip & Hip just shows how Hyuna is on a roll. I thoroughly enjoyed the track when I first heard in at the MMA. The track felt like it was quite in your face, which goes well with her overall concept. I usually do have something negative to say regarding her raps or vocals. But I felt like she did a really good job with the song. I love the pre-chorus of the song, the build-up providing the perfect level of suspense. The track itself is quite catchy, with the post-chorus ringing inside your head. The only part that I am having second thoughts is the bridge of the song. It gives off an exotic feel, which I can see fitting the rest of the song, but it just cuts the flow of the highly energetic song. However, great song.

A part of me feels thoroughly confused how this particular music video managed to only get a 15+ rating. Knowing how strict the system is in South Korea (through the amount of unnecessary bans that has been slapped onto some of the more subtle videos), I thought some scenes in this video (i.e. Hyuna putting her skirt on, Hyuna pulling her shirt down to reveal her cleavage) would earn the notorious 19+ rating. But I must say, it didn’t feel excessive one bit, despite it looking like it is her most extreme video yet. It also seems to send a message to everyone to be confident with how they look. I got that from some of the scenes (such as the ones already mentioned + the scene where she rips off her braces).

The performance was quite good. The choreography was something that you would expect from Hyuna and only Hyuna.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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