[Review] Boy – The Boyz

A fresh new debut has just occurred and I am not delaying the reviewing until next week. That is a miracle. The Boyz is a 12-member boy group under Cre.ker Entertainment. Their debut comes in the form of the title track, Boy and the mini-album, The First. According to their Wikipedia page, some of the members have previously been in the spotlight through TV shows such as KPOP Star, High School Rapper and Produce 101.

Boy is another pop dance track that we have been seeing a lot lately. And while it is a good song, it really doesn’t have anything that allows it to stand out in the crowd. That’s the most disappointing aspect of the song. It was set up to be a decent song but with the lack of prominent hooks, the song just doesn’t draw any attention. There are many other aspects of the song which I would like to be a little different but they are more personal preferences. The instrumental was pretty much standard but it was still had a nice kick to it. There was a slight buildup to the chorus but I feel like a more defined drop into the chorus would be more suitable. Their vocals don’t really have much uniqueness to it, though there were some nice adlibs at the end of the song. The raps were the most interesting part of the song, in my opinion, fitting very neatly into the fast-paced music during its respective section. 

I am a little confused about the music video. It seems like they each member is paired with another member. And they all seemed to be friends in the past. Fast forward a few years, each pair seems to reunite with each other, leading to many moments of ‘is that who I think it is?’. That or each person was in awe of the other person’s handsome features. The camera work in this music video was also quite smooth and made the music video look quite appealing.

The choreography was spectacular. If I sounded like I was disappointed with the comeback, I apologise for that. However, the dance was quite impressive. From the infinity signs they made with their formation to their in-sync capabilities, it made the entire performance worth watching.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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