[Review] I Like You – DAY6

For the past year, DAY6 has been releasing songs every single month. And as the current month (December) is the final month of the year, DAY6 has officially dropped the last track that makes up this Every DAY6 project, I Like You. It is definitely a remarkable feat for a KPOP group to continuously pump out songs like that and has proven extremely successful, with many of their tracks drawing the attention of listeners, new and old fans alike in the past year.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how good I Like You is. Honestly, I have not been feeling some of their latest tracks. I Like You is completely different, as clearly, they have left the best til last. It is an awesome rock ballad mix to rock out to. The instrumentation is quite good but it isn’t the show-stealing element of the song. Their vocals were and they do not disappoint. Both Jae and Young K open the chorus up so well, that I am blown away each time I listen to the song. I love how their vocals occur prematurely in comparison to the chorus instrumental. Jae’s guitar solo was also another highlight. That pause that features in the song just makes everything feel so much more explosive, definitely giving the song its peak that it needs. And for once the fade-out ending is ideal for the song. Overall, it is a great song and totally great way to end 12 months of songs with a bang.

The music video was quite nice. I liked the little plotline that featured in the video. Basically, I assume the two leads actor/actress are interested in each other. The guy goes through a non-elaborate plan to confess his love to the waitress by using a very subtle heart shape balloon (sarcasm present). Usually, I find such things quite cheesy but it made for a nice video. The cinematography of the shots featuring the actors, along with the band scenes featuring DAY6, was quite nice as well.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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