[Review] Hands Up – B.A.P

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B.A.P has officially returned with a brand new single, Hands Up. 2017 has been a big year for some groups, B.A.P being one of them. With solo work included, B.A.P has already returned with two singles, Wake Me Up and Honeymoon. So their year is completely jam-packed from the very start to end. And to round out that year is this particular comeback.

When I first saw the title, I thought the song would be something like getting hyped for a party of some sort (I guess my mind is in holiday mode at the moment). It was extremely surprising (for some odd reason) when it came out to be a lot serious and leaned towards a darker hip-hop sound. The instrumental remains consistent throughout the entire song. And while it did get a little repetitive towards the end, the consistency works well with the serious nature of the track. It also made the song feel a lot smoother when it came to the vocal parts of the song, which I pretty much liked. The raps are also stand-out sections of the song, particularly Bang Yong Guk’s, which is the most intense part of the track (and his husky voice makes it 100% better). The ‘Go Hands Up’ becomes addictive after a few listens. I just feel the song lacked energy and did not do enough to give it that ‘wow’ factor that I like to surprise me when it comes to this type of music.

The concept reminded me of Young, Wild & Free. Young, Wild & Free’s music video felt isolated but I would imagine a similar video to Hands Up would be produced if they threw in a few more people. It attempts to be edgier than any other video but instead, it felt very standard and plain. I like how they managed to rug the members up in the cold weather but still maintain a look suitable for the music. And I think this is the first time I am going to say this but I am not a fan of the camera work in this video. Some of the shakier shots were distracting.

[Updated] The choreography was nice but it wasn’t that appealing and memorable. Some parts lacked energy (complimenting some comments I made previously) while others parts were more energetic (i.e. chorus). Though, it managed to showcase a tense atmosphere, which I thought made it look decent and right up B.A.P’s alley.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 6.5/10 [Updated]
Overall Rating – 7/10 [Updated]

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