[Review] The Night – Soyou ft. Geeks

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With many famous collaborations under her name, Soyou has officially embarked as a solo artist with her solo debut. With the unfortunate disbandment of Sistar earlier this year still haunting us, Soyou has taken this opportunity to show off a different side with her title track, The Night (featuring The Geeks) and her mini-album, Part 1 RE:BORN.

While I did expect something along the lines of her collaboration works, this one has a different sound to what I am used to. It makes sense, given her need to remove herself from the safety of Sistar and her duets with big names in the industry. Her song is quite nice, giving off a warm atmosphere through her vocals. It has a sweet and happy tune to it, which is something I like, mainly since Winter seems to focus largely on ballads. The melody makes the song quite catchy but I wonder how long the song would stick around. The song doesn’t necessarily feel like a song that should constantly be replayed but it is definitely a nice sound. Geeks added a nice touch with their delivery fitting the song’s tune very neatly. It’s definitely not Soyou’s next Some song but there is a decent sound to it.

The music video seems to show Soyou preparing for her date and shows her excitement for the date (as per the information taken from the description box to the music video). At the start, she is rehearsing what she expects will occur at night (i.e. cooking the ramen, drinking the blue bottle alcohol) but it seems her dates takes an unexpected turn as she returns home alone. At the very end, her head somehow lands into her date’s lap, which surprises her. It’s a nice video that makes sense with the lyrics. I like the brightness of the colours and the camera work that featured in the video.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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