[Review] Hot Potato – N.Flying

N.Flying has returned with their latest single, Hot Potato and mini-album, The Hottest. This is the band’s first comeback since their return in 2017, The Real (which is one of my favourite songs from 2017). And following their concept for the last comeback, it seems like N.Flying is continuing on with their wackiness, given their title of the title track.

And N.Flying has done it again, with what seems to be another amazing track. It is super addictive to listen to, especially once the chorus kicks in. It has me rocking to it. It seems like N.Flying has found their sound, which is definitely that playful and bright sound which you don’t really hear when it comes to bands across South Korea. There were a few moments that I liked throughout the rock-based The first being the small rock sequence which Seunghyub raps to for the bridge. That was an amazing section of the song. The second part was that extra instrumental at the end, which felt more like a tease. Vocally, the song is on point. So are the raps, which I felt (besides the chorus) is a very strong element to the song. The ‘Hot! A Hot Potato’ line at the end of the post-chorus (at 1:11) is so damn good, it still rings in my head.

Playing to that wacky side, N.Flying plays a group with not much to do (i.e. unemployed bachelors). A lot of the time, throughout the video, is of the group imagining how their lives would be shaped if they were famous. Portable fans vs. helicopters, money vs. bills. The reality vs. expectation scenarios makes the video funny to watch. Some of the sets looked quite cool, particularly the ones where they are performing. The helicopter and red carpet were my favourites. Overall, it was a good video to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10


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