[Review] Paint Me – Mamamoo

Despite still being in the first week of the year, we have already seen some amazing comebacks so far. Joining the growing list is Mamamoo with their new single, Paint Me. From what I can gather, this is just the start of what Mamamoo will be putting out this year. So if you are like me and barely made it through today’s song, I have major concerns for the year ahead. But nonetheless, let’s continue.

Paint Me is an amazing song. The very first second literally doesn’t hold back. Mamamoo’s vocals just come at you. Powerful yet beautiful. It is really intense and you barely know about it. I love how they go extra powerful during the first line of the chorus. It truly grabs your attention. The instrumental pace allows the song to become so flowy and melodic. It starts off with a piano and builds up to include a guitar and (I think) violins. It isn’t much but it is so damn impactful. But let’s return to the vocals for a second because there is a bigger elephant in the room that we have yet to address. Moonbyul put aside her rapping talents and allowed her vocals to shine. FINALLY. I have a soft spot for when these rappers sing in Korean. Their voices are so unique, it draws my attention. Here is a fantastic example of that and it just makes me love it even more.

And the music video is equally as beautiful. Each member looks stunning. I am not qualified in fashion in anyway or form, but each member looked like they are ready to walk the red carpet and receive some prestigious award. I love the boldness of the colours on the black and white. Even some of the other scenes where the light is shone brightly onto them from the back to the light strobes all about, they looked perfectly fine in all the scenes. It is a simple music video (when you think about it) but it works wonderfully.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10 

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