Top 50 KPOP Songs of 2017


Welcome to the final post for the 2017 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. It is time to find out who took out the award for Best Song of The Year. If you have yet to find out who won the individual categories, make sure you click here first!!!

This year’s awards are structured differently. This year, the way the Best Song of 2017 was chosen is based on 50% fan votes (which was conducted over the voting period of December 2017) and the other 50% is based on the Weekly KPOP Charts that I publish every Sunday.

So without further ado, I present you the Best Song of 2017 along with the rankings that determined the Best Song. I have only published the Top 50 on this site, but if you want to see a full listing, scroll down to the end to find the link which will send you there.

Pos. Song Artist
1 Peek-A-Boo Red Velvet
2 Don’t Wanna Cry Seventeen
3 Red Flavour Red Velvet
4 Likey Twice
5 Beautiful Monsta X
6 Really Really Winner
7 Rollin’ Brave Girls
8 Clap Seventeen
9 Gashina Sunmi
10 As If It Is Your Last BLACKPINK
11 Yes I Am Mamamoo
12 Hands Up B.A.P
14 Power EXO
15 Never Ever GOT7
16 Honeymoon B.A.P
17 Like This Pentagon
18 You In Me KARD
19 Remember Nine Muses
20 Crazy Sexy Cool ASTRO
21 Universe EXO
22 Spring Day BTS
24 I (knew it) Sonamoo
25 I Like You DAY6
26 You Are GOT7
27 Wake Me Up B.A.P
28 Hwi Hwi Laboum
29 Beautiful Wanna One
30 Energetic Wanna One
31 Love Whisper GFriend
32 Black Suit Super Junior
33 I’ll Be Yours Girl’s Day
34 Baby ASTRO
35 Signal Twice
36 Twinkle Lovelyz
37 Dramarama Monsta X
38 Rumour K.A.R.D
39 Heart Shaker TWICE
40 Chase Me Dreamcatcher
41 Good Night Dream Catcher
42 Holiday SNSD
43 Happy Cosmic Girls
44 365 Fresh Triple H
45 Whisper VIXX LR (VIXX)
46 Fingertips Gfriend
47 Where You At NU’EST W
48 Just U Jung Sewoon
49 I Wish WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
50 I Smile DAY6

To see the full charts (Position 1 to 236), click on the link here to be transported to a Google Spreadsheet. Click on the tab at the bottom of the page that says ‘End of Year Charts’.

Congratulations to Red Velvet and their November release, Peek-A-Boo, who has ranked the top song of 2017 and hence, The Best Song of 2017.

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