[Review] Heroine – Sunmi

Sunmi was chosen as the Best Female Soloist and my pick for Best Choreography. She also ranked 9th on the 2017 KPOPREIVEWED End of Year Charts. To find out who else won the individual categories, click here. And to find out how your favourite song ranked for 2017, click here

Sunmi is officially back with her latest single, Heroine. Her return to the industry last year with Gashina became a chart topper and her performance became a hot trend in Korea and beyond. While Sunmi just dropped Heroine, it is apparent that she is an expected rival on the charts to any group or artist in the coming weeks.

When I first heard Gashina, I wasn’t a definite fan of the song. But with numerous listens later, I was on board the Sunmi fan train. Heroine definitely starts off on a much better foot with its instrumental attracting my attention from the very first listen. I like how it starts off with just the piano and as the song progresses through each subsection of the verse, the song builds up in a way that feels expected but still leaves you stunned. Her vocals are extremely soft at the start and like the instrumentation, it builds up wonderful to the pre-chorus where she just lets go of that restriction and project her vocals. I love the post-chorus saxophone type sound which gave off a funky yet intriguing appeal to the song. I thought the entire track was quite catchy and I predict within a days time, it will be the one track that I want to keep listening to.

Given Gashina and Heroine, I conclude two things. Only Sunmi can pull off a not-so-normal-looking solo dance performance in an empty location (I love her solo work at 1:30 – 1:46) and she likes her milkshakes. Both elements featured in the videos but it seemed to look more naturally occurring in this video. I love it when she walks forward and suddenly the spotlight is on her with the yellow curtains closing behind her. The entire video has an epic feel and I think the only reason why I think that is regarding how each scene was connected to the next. It gives off the feeling that all the differences throughout the video are interconnected somehow and that makes it a stunning video to watch.

I love her performance, once again. She used a table in Gashina and her choice of prop for Heroine were chairs. But that is not the main point. I love her sexy side and her moves during the post-chorus dance break was extremely cool. The chorus and various other parts gave off an edgy vibe, allowing this performance to incorporate multiple different styles into one.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

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