[Review] Roller Coaster – Chungha

Kim Chungha was voted as the best new solo artist of 2017. To find out who else won in the individual categories, click here. To find out which song has been awarded the 2017 Best Song award, click here!

The Best New Soloist of 2017, Kim Chungha, has finally made her first comeback with Roller Coaster and her second mini-album, Offset. Kim Chungha previously made her debut with Why Don’t You Know last year, which definitely got her name out there in the industry.

Given the title, you expect the song to have some sort of thrill to it. And Chungha manages to deliver it with an upbeat song. It is not exactly thrill-seeking music but it has some momentum to it which I think it quite nice. The buildup to the chorus was great but the drop into the chorus felt (once again) underwhelming. Her vocals work stand out throughout the song, which suited the song really nicely. I liked how she ended the lines during the chorus with the slight upward bend of each final word (1:09-1:12, for example). My most favourite part would have to be the ‘Look’ during the pause just before the final chorus. While the instrumentation was quite cool, it did feel a little plain. It needed that kick in terms of intensity, which could have been satisfied with a fitting rap sequence. An instrumental break that allows for a rocking dance break or just some bass during the chorus could have lifted the song to a whole new level. Overall, despite it needed something else, it is still a decent song to check out.

It has been a while since we have seen neon lights and colours in KPOP. There isn’t much to the video but it was still a nice video to watch. While I have expressed in the past that I am not a fan of the light images that are displayed on the wall (and the singer just standing in front of them), I thought they were a nice addition to the music video. Sure, they can be distracting at times but I felt they looked good this time around. The choreography shots also looked quite nice.

To me, there is a cute side to the choreography (i.e. the start of the chorus) but the performance mainly focuses on the sexy side of the spectrum (i.e. all other moves). I actually thought it was a really cool dance routine to watch and cannot wait for the live stages.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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