[Review] Shinin’ – Jonghyun (SHINee)

One month ago, KPOP (as a whole) lost a very dedicated and passionate artist, Kim Jonghyun, the main vocalist from SHINee. It was confirmed weeks prior that Jonghyun would be returning shortly with a new solo album. One month on, we finally are able to listen to the second and final album, Poet Artist, produced by Jonghyun, which was released in memory of the artist.

Shinin’ is a funky track that is quite upbeat in comparison to his past promoted songs. However, you get the same vibes from each of his songs. I haven’t been much of a fan of his previous works but this particular song was very easy on the ears and I easily got into it within the first listen. The instrumental isn’t overwhelming but managed to remain funky and retro, which is quite good. It feels like restraint was put onto the instrumental but it allowed the song to become more retro. An instrumental like this also allows his vocals to be the main attraction of the song. They were quite smooth. I particularly like the way he delivered the lines during the pre-chorus, which makes me come back to re-listen to the song. The “Baby, come in, you you you‘ chorus was really catchy and addictive. Overall, definitely, a new song that I would be replaying constantly.

Fitting in with the funky and retro sound is the music video. I like the ending of the video, which reminds me of some of the scenes that came out of the Tron movie. But needless to say, the light strobes patterns do bring a sense of nostalgia. I also liked how Jonghyun literally shone throughout the video. Not sure if it is intended originally but it definitely put him in the spotlight.

For this particular review, I have decided to forgo the rating, which is something that I put at the end of the reviews. In its place:

You Did Well, Jonghyun.

2 thoughts on “[Review] Shinin’ – Jonghyun (SHINee)

  1. ***** 5 stars.
    The song is upbeat but it does not reflect his true state of mind. Jonghyun was bullied by SMTOWN. He did not want to remain an idol. For years now he has been requesting to end his contract. He wanted to become a artist and a full time actor in theater and dramas. Each time he requested to end his contracts he was made to feel guilty as if he was a criminal. He was suffering from depression. He called himself an artist because that is what he wanted to be. It is sad that there are still loopholes that allow entertinment companies in Asia to continue slave contracts. An artist should not have to commit suicide to get out of a contract. God Bless Mr. Jonghyun Korean artist may he rest in peace that he never got in life.


  2. Actually, he did not want to be an actor.. as he said in a Knowing Bros. episode (with Shinee), Janghoon said – “Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin all act. Jonghyun, you don’t act?” Jonghyun replied with “I have no greed for it” (I have no desire to be an actor). And for his album Poet | Artist… he said that Poet is what he wanted to be, Artist (Musician) is what he ended up becoming.


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