[Review] Turn It Up – Rainz

Adding to the long list of comebacks this week (that I need to get a move on and start writing the reviews for) is Rainz, who are returning with their latest title track, Turn It Up. Turn It Up is the main track of the group’s second mini-album, Shake You Up. For those who may have missed Rainz, the 7-member boy group made their debut late last year with Juliette.

To me, Turn It Up is a decent song but there is a quite a bit of confusion that hinders its potential. The song could have been that really cool and powerful dance hit but some of the segments just do not fit well with each other. Take the chorus and post-chorus (or bridge to instrumental dance break). They are distinctly different sounding sections of the song and the way they got from one to the other is quite uncomfortable. I feel like a better transition could have been utilised to make the song flow. For some reason, I also felt like the song took a little too long to get to the chorus. It just feels drawn out for a tad too long when I first listened to it and that feeling just stuck with me. But it is not all criticisms though. I feel like the instrumental (for each separate sections) were good and the vocal work/raps were pretty decent. It just be the sound structure of the song that doesn’t sit well with me.

Welcome to another post-apocalyptic world, which interestingly lasted for one-third of the video. The second third seemed to be an abandoned warehouse, which goes hand-in-hand with the first third. But the last third was a white background studio. I am not too sure of that choice, which feels a little odd when you look at the bigger picture. Majority of the video was just choreography shots, while a very small fraction was dedicated to close-ups. There just isn’t much else to comment on.

Choreography-wise, this is pretty good. I liked the intro to the performance, which doesn’t look that impressive when you compare to other performances but works wonderfully with the slow start. I liked how they matched the gradual buildup of the song in their moves. But the winning moment has to be the bridge and dance break that follows after. Very impressive.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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