[Review] Thanks – Seventeen

2017 has definitely been a very big year for Seventeen, who made two major comebacks (Don’t Wanna Cry and Clap). They broke their own records with their album sales and released a bunch of subunit tracks for their second full-length album. As a sign of ‘Thanks‘, the group have returned with the repackaged or ‘director’s cut’ album of Teen, Age.

Thanks has this very epic feel with it, which fits in perfectly with Seventeen’s style. Seventeen has continuously blown me away and Thanks is no exception to this. There isn’t anything groundbreaking about this song but when such songs are done right, they speak volumes. The bass in this is purely amazing, giving the song a heavy beat which allows it become extremely addictive. The lead up with the two rappers did hype the song up to a drop but I was quite surprised when Woozi came in with no drop. It gave an interesting feel and the drop came (as if it was delayed). This perked my interest. Usually, I would be irked by the delayed drop but for some reason, it works really well in this track. I also think I have a special place in my heart for when Wonwoo sings, the ending of this basically has me fanboying. Overall, another amazing song by Seventeen once again.

It’s a great video to watch. A tad too dark for my liking, which was the only downside because I had a hard time recognising some of the members in the video. Moving along, the idea behind the video was something that I really liked. The video shows the ‘Behind The Scenes’ for the members, where you can find them in the makeup-room, recording studio, back hallfway or dance practice room. Out of all the scenes, my favourite was the scenes where all the members started dancing in their own areas (rappers in the recording studio, Hoshi in dance practice room), launching us right into the final chorus.

Once again, Seventeen does not disappoint with their performance. Though I am only looking at the parts of the music video, the chorus already looks epic and there is a very dramatic feel to it. I particularly like how they are set up at 2:20 and the movements that followed (See gif below). It looks amazing.


Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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