[Album Review] Faces Of Love (2nd Mini Album) – Suzy

Unfortunately, last week I could not put out any album reviews due to it being a busy week. Now, with more time on my hand, I am aiming to get out 3 album reviews this week. Starting off this trio is Faces Of Love, which is the second mini-album release for Suzy, who is making her first comeback since her solo debut and the disbandment of Miss A.

Faces Of Love Album Cover

1..In Love With Someone Else (다른사람을 사랑하고 있어) (Pre-Release Track)Click here to read the full review for In Love With Someone Else. (8.4/10)

2. Holiday ft. DPR LIVE (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Holiday. (6.6/10)

3. SObeR – I have no idea why the title of the song is written in that manner. But besides that, SObeR has a really likeable percussion based instrumental. Yes, it gave the song its minimalistic vibe but it still makes it good. I like how the chorus is set apart from the rest of the song by adding just a few more instruments. The vocals throughout the chorus and the bridge were exceptional. More importantly, the changeup towards the end of the song saved the song more boredom caused by repetitiveness. I personally think this is a standout track for this mini-album. (9/10)

4. Bad X (나쁜X)Bad X features an acoustic sound, which I think is quite nice. The chorus was a turn that I did not expect vocally but it sounds good. The vocals are quite nice but I am not a major fan of the final section of the song. The song is quite good when you listen to it as we go through the album but it just doesn’t really stand out on its own as a single. (6.5/10)

5. Sleep Well, For Me Too (잘자 내 몫까지) – The song felt like a lullaby with such great vocals from Suzy herself. It has a nice piano dominate instrumental but it just isn’t the most interesting song on this album. (6/10)

6. Broken Heart (서툰 마음) – It is another ballad. I like this track more than the preceding ballad because of the buildup that was present. This is solely due to her vocals, which she showed a nice spectrum of on this album so far. I feel like the song could have used a flowier instrumental or melody (which I only felt towards the end of the song. I did like the bridge the most but it felt too short for my liking. (7/10)

7. All Night (너는 밤새도록) – I liked the initial effects that were placed on her vocals, especially when they came into focus after a few seconds. Despite the upbeat feels that you get from this song, it is apparent that the emotions from Suzy are quite loaded, making it an interesting song. The ‘Na Na Na’ is a reflection of this. The harmonies in the track were great. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.2/10

Faces of Love Teaser Image

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