[Review] Only Then – Roy Kim

Roy Kim made his return to the music scene with a new single, Only Then. It was released last week during the Lunar New Year week, which is why I haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet. We last saw Roy Kim on stage last year with his comeback consisting of Egoist and Suddenly.

Roy Kim is known for his popular singles (such as Bom Bom Bom) that are fitting for the Spring season. Only Then is another ballad, that is best suited for the colder climate of Winter. The great thing about this track is that Roy Kim uses his vocals to add warmth to the song, which is a great charm about this track. I like how his vocals are soft throughout the song but he doesn’t give the song the kick it needs until he gets into the midst of the final chorus. This delay kick is quite interesting and you have to listen to the entire track to completely appreciate the peak of the song. The instrumental for this ballad doesn’t really do much besides giving the song its background that it needs. However, that electric guitar riff during the bridge was awesome. Ticking another box for good ballads (for me) is the fact the song gets you swaying along.

The one thing the video manages to capsulate very well is the concept of loneliness. The song is about feelings regarding a relationship that just isn’t working out. From what I am reading, long distance relationship is the main focus for the song, as Roy Kim (who tends to be in the States during his non-active periods) writes about his feelings in regards to his fans in South Korea (this piece of information was taken from Soompi). I think the video does a good job at it, with the final scene looking like he is making that final move to end the relationship. The colour palette is perfect for such a heartbreaking atmosphere. It is dry in terms of content but it seems when in context, the video makes a lot of sense.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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