[Review] La La La – Weki Meki

Weki Meki has officially returned with their first comeback since their debut with I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend last year. This comeback features their second mini-album, Lucky and the title track, La La La.

To me, this new song is redemption from their disappointing debut track. La La La sounds so much better than I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend. But a common aspect between the two tracks is that the songs can be considered to be ‘in your face’. Their debut track was just obnoxious, while La La La seems to be more pleasing. The instrumental seems to fall under the standard KPOP umbrella. It just didn’t stick out to me but it was still good. Following the ‘in you face’ comment, the instrumental was definitely ‘loud’ as it dominates the entire song. However. the vocals were in the foreground of the song, as opposed to being hidden by the loud instrumental, which is a definite plus. I want to say the vocals and raps were good but I feel like they could have tweaked with some autotune to enhance the song. I am not a major fan of autotune as it can be overly used in songs but I think it would have definitely benefited this song. The chorus has potential to be catchy but it might take a few more listens for that to be a reality in my case, as it didn’t really stick the first time around.

Once again, the visuals for the comeback is amazing. It is one thing that Weki Meki nailed before and they nailed it once again. The girl crush concept really suits them. I am also a major fan of the sets for this music video. It looks extremely cool, particularly the one with the big flashing W in the background. That one scene where they walk towards the camera in one long line really blew my mind as if they were doing the walk on a catwalk.

Watching their dance performance, I really liked how in sync they were. I particularly like the pre-chorus routine they had, which I thought was a lot better than the chorus. I also like the body rolls just before the final chorus (2:10 ish of music video).

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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