[Album Review] Black Dress (7th Mini Album) – CLC

Please note that starting from this week, album reviews will be published on Thursdays and some Sundays. This should allow me to keep on top of these reviews and allow me to review a wider range of artists. Song reviews will be released as soon as I start writing them and I am not overwhelmed with work or university. 

CLC dropped their 7th mini-album on the 22nd of February (just a few weeks ago). It is my first time writing an album review for the girl group, who has released a few fantastic title tracks. Black Dress, since the review, has become a track that I am looking forward to listening to every time I go to YouTube or when I plug in my earphones. 

Black Dress Album Cover (Source: ALLKPOP)

1..Black Dress (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Black Dress. (8.7/10) 

2. Like That – The song started off like slow song or ballad-like. But within a few seconds, the song takes a turn. It develops into a pretty decent dance track. Per usual, I found the vocals really nice and it was through the vocals that the song built up into a likeable track. The EDM chorus was also captivating despite it being a common formula nowadays. Out of all the members, I think Ye-eun (the rapper) shined the brightest in this song, with her raps being standout moments in the song. (8/10)

3. Distance – Out of all the aspects of this song, the chorus was the main highlight. And I think that is due to the vocals in this song. The harmonies in this song just further back this up. Ye-eun also provides a really decent rap segment for the song, proving her capabilities to adapt to many genres of music. My main complaint about the song is the lack of energy. The song could have used some intensity to make it sound better. (7/10)

4. To The Sky (Pre-Release Track)To The Sky seems to keep CLC attach to that bright and vibrant sound that they debuted with. It is an upbeat track that has a very fun vibe to it and its energy makes it addictive. Its energy was also appreciated after the preceding low-energy track. Chorus was nice, especially with the chanting type format. Compared to the rest of the album, it was nice to see something a little different to the other songs. (8/10)

5. 7th – Ballad tracks are usually known to be slow-paced songs. 7th is the opposite of that in the sense that it isn’t a slow ballad and paints a picture of a nice Summer’s day. The song features sweet vocals and also showcases their best vocal performance on the entire album. The instrumental had a very relaxing vibe, while the bridge took a jazzy turn. It is another great song, ending the album on a high note. (8/10)

Overall Album Review – 7.9/10

Black Dress Teaser Image (Source: Imgur)

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