[Review] The Blue Bird – APRIL

APRIL is back with their newest track, The Blue Bird. The Blue Bird is the title track off their 5th mini album, which is titled as The Blue. This also marks their Take My Hand comeback since September 2017, the final of three 2017 comebacks (the others include April Story and Mayday).  Jinsol and Naeun also formed a special subunit for a track in February (which I somehow completely missed).

The Blue Bird reminds of the April Story, in the sense, it (predominately) features an orchestral style instrumental. This return does bring them back to that mature sound which I liked with the earlier track. And while they did bring that back, they did manage to keep it from becoming too similar. The drums that featured in this song seemed to be a lot bolder and more defined, giving the song some energy and a more upbeat vibe. The bridge was also quite fresh, which removed the classical influence and moved into a more pop-based sound. It didn’t last long but it gave the song some relief from becoming too repetitive. Vocally, all the members sounded good. It isn’t impressive but their vocals pair well with this style. My favourite line is just before the choruses and the final line in the song, ‘I have something to say.’ I thought the way it sounded was just beautiful and was my highlight of the entire track.

I liked how the video wasn’t oversaturated in blue. And I am glad because it would have made it a little overwhelming to watch. Instead, the blue colour was featured as small details such as the teddy bear, the blue sky, the flower petals on the floor. Their blue dresses were bold yet it worked well with the rest of the video in the background. On top of that, I really liked where they set the video. It gave off a classy vibe and made everything feel graceful and warm. Overall, it was a nice video to watch, pairing well with the song.

I unfortunately don’t think there is enough choreography in the video to write anything about it. Though I will be honest and what I can see is rather plain. I will return once a live performance is released (PS. there are a few from last week which I will be updating tomorrow).

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10 
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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