[Review] Lady – EXID

Making their first comeback of 2018 just a few hours ago is EXID with Lady. This is EXID’s latest comeback since DDD, which was released in November last year. EXID is still 4-members, with Solji sitting out of this comeback entirely due to health reasons. With not much else to say, let’s get right into this review.

Lady is a 90’s throwback song. The song features new jack swing instrumental which literally takes you back to that era. Despite retro being a very large aspect of the Korean pop scene, Lady was surprisingly fresh and interesting to listen to. It features great vocals and raps, which is usual for EXID. The song also managed to throw in a few ad-libs by Hyerin (just before the chorus), which has confirmed how far Hyerin has come since he had to cover for Solji. While it only has been out a few hours, there were a few things that I noticed to be potential flaws. The first being the chorus. Don’t get me wrong, it is melodic and a decent chorus. But it isn’t as strong or catchy as their previous title tracks. On top of that, the chorus would have felt more lively if the jump into it was more exciting and attracting. Instead, what we go made the song feel almost ‘one-sound’. It may take a few more listens to warm up to the chorus but overall, it was still a decent track.

Like the song, their fashion in the video is extremely ’90s. It is a trend that I am seeing amongst some idols nowadays, with the reemergence of baggy clothing. However, this video does it extremely well, with each member looking stunning (what else do you expect from EXID). Also liking the pixelated quality of the video, which is similar to the VCR or just normal boxed television you would get back in the day. Some of their transitions (such as the star and the slow motion is distinctively ’90s. It is a very cool video that suits the song very well and honestly, there is nothing to else to add to the video to make it feel more like the ’90s.

I even think some of the moves they included in the instrumental are directly related to the ’90s. While I don’t think it has anything to rival their past popular dances, it looked fun.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

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