[Review] Sense – UNB

UNB has made their long-awaited debut last night with their Boyhood mini-album. For those who are not aware of UNB, they are the male group formed from the survival TV show, The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project. The main aim of the show was to give lesser known acts in the KPOP industry a second chance. UNB comprises of 9 members: Feeldog (BIGSTAR), Euijin (BIGFLO), Daewon (Madtown), Marco (HBY), Hojung (HOTSHOT), Hansol (NewKidd), Jun (UKISS), Chan (A.C.E) & Kijoong (IM). Boyhood consists of two title tracks, Sense (the focus of today’s review) and Only One.

Opening the song is a really nice piano piece, which felt calming and added a dramatic effect to the song. Like most songs nowadays, the piano piece soon becomes lost in the EDM instrumental. And with the EDM kicking in, it takes on an intense vibe. I really like the drop into the chorus, which provided a burst of energy, which I thought was really cool when I listened to the song. The song’s chorus was quite catchy, especially in the latter half of the chorus. Also catchy was the ‘Na Na Na‘ during the bridge. I personally would have liked to hear more of that ‘Na Na Na‘ because of the rough vocals of whoever is singing that part really fits in well with the EDM style of the song. Speaking about vocals, there were some people concerned that the group would be lacking due to the lack of ‘strong vocals’ (i.e. a main vocalist). However, listening to the song, there was no lack of ‘strong vocals’, with the vocalists all doing a great job on the vocal front. The raps were nice and I thought the way they brought back the piano piece (from the start) at the end made the song feel like a completed circle. Overall, it was another amazing song that hopefully puts them back into the spotlight.

[Updated] From the information I was given (through the comments and Twitter), I think I got a brief understanding of what the video is about. Then again, this is my interpretation of the video. Essentially, the video is about new beginnings. Their ‘rebooting’ was shown as a new adventure into a new dimension (i.e. from their old group to their new group). There is a reference to the member’s return to their old groups, however, with the lighting of the bare tree different in the middle of the video (with Jun’s solo shot) and the choreography shots throughout the video. NOW before you start jumping at me with other theories, I have decided to do a whole new analysis of this music video at a later stage (see some of my previous tweets). So keep your eyes open for that!

Visually, the video looks stunning. Everything looked really good. The sets all looked really good and the members looked even better. The visual effects were amazing and the storyline seems interesting (despite not knowing what is going on).

The choreography of Sense was definitely breathtaking. Particularly, the opening (and ending) sequence with the piano piece. It looked elegant and contrasted nicely with the fast-paced choreography for the EDM chorus. I also thought the complicated formation and moves around the memorable ‘Na Na Na‘ was really cool. This is was at the bridge of the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10 [Old rating still stands]
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10 [Old rating still stands]

4 thoughts on “[Review] Sense – UNB

  1. The MV was finally uploaded on Youtube around 8 hours ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VznBK_Yv6YI
    The French monologue is from Les Nourritures Terrestres (The Fruits of the Earth) by André Gide, published in 1897.
    Dorothy Bussy, Gide’s friend, translated this work into English.
    “I have no use for knowledge that has not been preceded by a sensation.
    Look upon the evening as the death of the day; and upon the morning as the birth of all things.
    Let every moment renew your vision.
    The wise man is he who constantly wonders afresh.”
    (via this tweet thread https://twitter.com/UNlTB/status/979263397081399298, which matches each translated line to the relevant screencap)


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