[Review] New Heroes – Ten (NCT)

NCT has already had a jammed back year. With songs from each of their subunits to their full-length album, NCT has basically lifted standards when it comes to promotions. Ten did not promote as much with NCT this year. He only participated in Baby Don’t Stop (with Taeyong). However, don’t worry. Ten has just released a new single, New Heroes. It is the final release of SM Station Season 2 and his first solo release since Dream In A Dream.

The song was quite striking from the start, opting for synths that really grabbed your attention. It made the song feel bright and pop-like, despite the chorus become mainly EDM based. The chorus itself was quite good, with the synths drops not overwhelming at all, which is something you don’t really feel when it comes to EDM songs like this. What also makes this song quite cool is that Ten sung entirely in English. I honestly expected some rapping somewhere in the midst of the song but was surprised when I heard vocals only. And Ten’s vocals were amazing in the song. At first glance, the song felt like Go by NCT Dream, especially around the drop. But the more I listen to this, the less of the resemblance I hear. New Heroes doesn’t strike me as a memorable song, however, at the moment, it sounds awesome.

The music video opens up with Ten sitting on the beach, with a thin piece of fabric layered on top of him. There are lights attached to his already glittery shirt and hands. While it doesn’t sound exactly that cool in words, it was definitely breathtaking to watch when the video starts. Furthermore, I thought I recognised some places where NCT shot at for their comeback music videos. Not 100% confident but they seem really familiar. Overall, I thought the video was cool. Some shots were shakey to suit the EDM drops, while others were smooth to compliment the calmer parts of the song.

Not sure if there was any choreography for this particular release. Ten does dance throughout the video, however, many parts did look like it was freestyling. But if this video was to prove anything, it proves that Ten is one amazing dancer.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.1/10

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