[Review] Only One – UNB

UNB made their debut last week with hopes of rebooting the careers of each member who made it through The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project survival TV show. Their debut consisted of two title tracks, Sense (which I reviewed last week) and Only One (which its music video was released during the week). For those who are unaware, I will be doing a special post for the music video of Sense later in the year. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing the same for this music video.

Only One is my type of song. Very easy on the ears yet still impactful in many ways. The particularly like the song because it uses a melodic piece as its backing, which is something that isn’t unheard of but definitely something that can be heard more of. The vocals and raps for the song quite heavy on the emotional side, which you can’t deny it makes the song so much more heartfelt and impactful. I really liked the soft piano start and the buildup, which allowed the chorus to be some much more epic and grander. Like Sense, I also liked how they brought the start of the song back to the end (yeah, it is a little confusing, but makes sense once you listen to the song) to finish the song, which also felt like a full circle this time around.

The music video is a 7 minute long, which gave each member ample time to appear on screen, which is a well-played move by their managing company. The music video essentially tells how each person is struggling (as shown by the many ropes bound around them, the thorns, the locked doors, the emptiness around them). But it shows that hope is always there (through the rays of sunshine that appear for each of them). Slowly, they make their way out of their confines and walk towards the light (i.e. the end of the tunnel), which says that there is always hope. That was my quick take on the video. It, once again, is rather artistic and quite aesthetic. Another great video to watch with a powerful message.

The performance was amazing. It took my breath away watching their very fluid and artistic moves. I like it how they don’t always stay together on stage, with a small group breaking away. The choreography was very fitting for the song and it is definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10

Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10


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