[Review] Baby – The Rose

One of the aims of this site is to introduce some of the audience to new groups whom they might not have heard of. And I think many of you all may enjoy the songs that The Rose put out. Just, they have been around for a year now and I somehow forgot about them (whoops). Please accept my many apologies. The Rose is a 4-member band under J&Star Company. They debuted last year with Sorry and returned in October with Like We Used To. This comeback features their title track, Baby and their first mini-album, Void.

I really like this alternative/indie rock sound that they have going on in the song. It isn’t that head-banging type of music but it isn’t a slow rock type of song. Instead, it is in between the two, offering both within the same song. Usually, when it comes to bands in KPOP, we focus on the guitarists or vocalists. The drumming this song was awesome, giving the song some suspense without needing to peak anywhere along the way. It only took me one listen to become amazed. Surely, their vocals were awesome. The main attraction (and the reason why I am quickly typing this up) is the launch into the final chorus, which felt so well done. That retro keyboard synth type sound that felt completely misplaced in the entire song, yet still managing to fit in a way to keep the song engaging. It was unexpecting but overall, it a unique touch. Baby, along with their other tracks (I’ve linked them above), manage to fall into my style of music, making them a group that I am always excited to listen to.

The music video is quite interesting. It seems like the main vocalist lost his girlfriend somehow (whether it was a breakup or some other circumstance), with her disappearing throughout the start of the video. The rest of the scenes have him revisiting the places he associates with her to try to see her again. Clearly, he is drunk and not that sane in the video. It is quite captivating to watch. The music definitely enhances the video, pairing nicely with each other. I really like the introduction of the flashy band scene, which makes sense as they are rocking it out during that final chorus/instrumental part. It looked awesome, cool and amazing!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10

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