[Review] Gangsta – NOIR

There is a new boy group in town and some of the members also happen to come from Produce 101 Season 2 (last year). NOIR is an 8-member boy group from LUK Factory, consisting of Seunghoon, Yeonkuk, Junyoung (former member of INX) Yooseung, Siheon, Hoyeon, Siha, Minhyuk and Daewon. Their debut mini-album, titled as Twenty Noir, features Gangsta as the title track.

The song starts off with its intense EDM instrumental at the very start, with its powerful sound trying to get you excited for whatever is about to come. I am absolutely loving the energy that is channeled through and the awesome drop that comes. That screeching high-pitch synth is a little off-putting but it does become a charming point in the instrumental. I also noticed that the instrumental stays within the same domain, however, it changes up every section, which does keep things interesting. Also interesting was that the dance break took up the second verse, which is uncommon (from what I remember). The group features a decent lineup of vocalists but this song was made so the rappers could shine. And in the entire track, I absolutely enjoyed the ending as it got faster (and more intense). The slowing down made sense but it made the song just feel typical in the end. If they ended the song as the song was getting faster, that would have been mindblowing, so it was a major pity. Overall, it is a great debut track.

The music video shows some sort of graduation formal party, with the members in the background doing their thing at the party. And when I say that, I meant their jobs (i.e. waiting, greeting guests, hosting etc.). It gets to the point in the night where they award the prom queen. Clearly, the guys were not impressed with the initial choice. They seek out the one girl who they thought was worthy. As cliche as it sounds, she was a shy girl in the corner and she wore glasses, which were taken off before she was crowned prom queen. And in all of this, the video was shot to make the hall look very small. Yet, it took them a decent amount of time (in the music video’s world) to get to her. Despite that, it was a nice video to watch. The choreography scenes looked cool.

More about the choreography, it matched the intensity that the song had oozing from it. While they did look like they were fairly in sync, I think the choreography would have been enhanced to a better level by finetuning that element. The dance break was cool.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

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