[Review] Snapshot – IN2IT

IN2IT have made their comeback to the stage with Snapshot. This is their first comeback since they debuted last year in October with Amazing. Between these two promotional cycles, IN2IT reformed into a 7-member male group, after the departure of Jinsub due to health issues.

Snapshot is a really nice song. It opens up with a really cool verse, which felt extremely groovy and retro. It also took me back to some of the earlier KPOP releases back in the day. The chorus packed a punch with its instrumental, oozing energy and addictiveness. I do find the lyrics aren’t that catchy, with the main hook (for me at least) being the ‘Heartbeat go fast. Heartbeat go slow‘. We do end up losing that groovy vibe as the song conforms to a typical pop song after the first chorus, however that isn’t much of a problem as the song still manages to remain appealing to my tastes. The vocal work is decent but I think the rapping was the main section that showed some flair in the song. The bridge wasn’t special, being standard at best. However, it is the stripped entrance into the final chorus which I thought was the amazing part of the song, prolonging the drop to make the final chorus feel a little more impactful. Snapshot is a song that I would gladly replay again and again for its energy and the heartbeat lines.

I actually thought the video was rather suitable for the song. While it does have that typical vibe to it, the flashy lights and how classy the members looked made the video feel so much cooler and modern. That screen in the background displays really cool effect that compliments both the set built around it and the members. Talking about the members, they take the modelling concept, as seen by the amount of walking they do down the catwalk.

There seems to be some voguing going on in this choreography. It does fit in with their concept, so it does work. I also really liked the ‘heartbeat go fast, heartbeat go slow‘ moves and the Snapshot move during the chorus. Overall, I thought the entire dance choreography was quite good.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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