[Review] ULlala: Poisoning – IN2IT

Another review that I should have completed last week was for IN2IT, who made their comeback with ULlala: Poisoning and their 3rd single album, Puzzle, last Thursday. This is the group’s second comeback of the year, with Run Away being their first in 2019. Since that comeback in August, Sunghyun departed from the group, reducing the 7 member group to just 6 members now.

It has seemed like the Latin trend had died down this year, compared to 2018. But there is always that one track that keeps on pushing it back onto you despite being incredibly late to join the musical trend. This is what I felt when I was listening to IN2IT’s Poisoning. Usually, I am not troubled by new tracks going back to an overused trend. But instead of just going with the Latin influence, it would help make the track memorable by incorporating an interesting element that really differentiates the track apart from the rest of the Latin influenced category. Poisoning doesn’t have anything of that sort and just sounds like any other track that has such an influence. And this affected other aspects of the track for me. For example, I thought the hook was rather simple and boring this time around, thanks to the ‘typical’ barrier set up by the instrumentation. That being said, there are some other elements in the song that I did like (just nothing unique). The vocal work was good and I liked how they added to the edgy factor that I mentioned in their last review. The textures provided by the vocalists and rappers were good, as well. Overall, the track needed more of something (or things) to make it interesting and memorable.

Similar to the song, I think the music video could have used some interesting elements. Visually, it is a good video. Nice yet standard use of colour. It shows off the members in a very appealing light. Even their outfits see to show off of the members in a sensual manner, which I am sure will make fans go wild (i.e. the trending crop-top, the blazer only outfit and the very deep cut sweaters). But besides that, there isn’t much else to the music video, unfortunately, that really felt captivating.

You might expect me to say that the performance isn’t interesting, as that might be the recurring comment in this review. But I am not going to. I thought this was a good performance and choreography for the track, complimenting the song. I really like the routine during the chorus and the ‘ULlala’ hook in the song.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.2/10



[Review] Run Away – IN2IT

It has been a while since we heard from IN2IT. I have discussed this before, that large gaps don’t really do well for smaller groups in the industry. So it will be interesting to see how IN2IT will bounce back from this gap. Doing a quick search of my site (which you can do yourself in the grey area at the bottom of each page) shows that their last comeback (Sorry For My English) that I reviewed was one year ago. But finally, the group has managed to stop that gap by returning with their latest single, Run Away, today.

I don’t think we ever heard IN2IT do such a song with an edgy vibe. It is hard to categorise all of their songs into one category, mainly because they have all been different from one another. But as soon as the song kicked off with its rock instrumental, you know that this song showcases a completely different side of the group. While the song does have a rock style, the song still manages to come off as a dance track, rather than a band track. There is an air of typicalness as the song doesn’t manage to showcase anything ‘new’ or ‘different’. But there is some freshness due to the instrumental. I thought the vocals were great. But I think the winning element for this song was the rapping (as I have mentioned a number of times already for other tracks). This track really zoned into the rapping and allowed the rappers to show their intensity without being overly rough and feel out of place. I also enjoyed the bridge and that launch into the final chorus, which effectively built some suspense up before closing out the song. Overall, Run Away is a cool song. 

I think the typicalness is felt most during the music video. Minus the standard choreography and closeup (these were quite good) combination that this music video went for, there isn’t much else in the video to talk about. With a song titled Run Away, there is a bit of running in the video. But rather from capture or some crazed life-threatening situation, the group seems to be running away from darkness. So that ending with them happy and smiley, just felt dull. I just felt they could have been a little more creative with the music video, in other words.

Unlike the music video, the choreography joins the ranks with the song by being the better elements of the comeback. The intensity they showed really went well with the song’s edgy nature. Even though it does have that ‘done before’ style, the performance still looked quite cool.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

[Review] Sorry For My English – IN2IT

KPOP has its share of questionable English lines in the past. But they are becoming much better with the incorporation and intention behind their use of English nowadays. However, I didn’t expect the industry to apologise for its past usage, let alone being in song format. IN2IT recently returned with Snapshot earlier this year and have returned once again with Sorry For My English (which probably is the most random title ever in KPOP).

Sorry For My English is a funky disco track, filled with the expected retro vibes that past disco/funky songs have presented and upbeat energy, giving some appeal to the song. The title intrigues me, particularly how it is incorporated into something meaningful. Judging from the translations I can find, the song seems to be the bridge between the members and a foreign person, as they say, they want to communicate via body language rather than verbally.  And English isn’t the only language in the mix, as the song also contains phrases (such as Beautiful and Hello) in Japanese, Malaysian, Bahasa and Chinese Mandarin. I did like the catchy chorus, as they do a fair attempt at engraving the repeated title into your mind. I liked their vocals and rapping. The song just doesn’t really exceed the expectations and standard set by Snapshot, but it is still very good.

Instead of having a tutoring class, the members opt to go to a disco. That is essentially the entire plotline of the video if you can call that a plotline. Other than that, it is what you expect from a disco-themed video. Colour flashing lights and a freaking disco ball! What more do you want? Though I did cringe at the one scene with the guy ‘shaving’ his non-existent beard. But other than that, good video.

I liked the choreography for this song. It is definitely in line with the disco-themed song. But it just doesn’t go for those certain dance moves. Instead, it feels like a choreography for a disco-themed song released in 2018. I thought the dance break was quite cool and the circle formation at the very end looked amazing on stage.

Song  – 7.5/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

[Review] Snapshot – IN2IT

IN2IT have made their comeback to the stage with Snapshot. This is their first comeback since they debuted last year in October with Amazing. Between these two promotional cycles, IN2IT reformed into a 7-member male group, after the departure of Jinsub due to health issues.

Snapshot is a really nice song. It opens up with a really cool verse, which felt extremely groovy and retro. It also took me back to some of the earlier KPOP releases back in the day. The chorus packed a punch with its instrumental, oozing energy and addictiveness. I do find the lyrics aren’t that catchy, with the main hook (for me at least) being the ‘Heartbeat go fast. Heartbeat go slow‘. We do end up losing that groovy vibe as the song conforms to a typical pop song after the first chorus, however that isn’t much of a problem as the song still manages to remain appealing to my tastes. The vocal work is decent but I think the rapping was the main section that showed some flair in the song. The bridge wasn’t special, being standard at best. However, it is the stripped entrance into the final chorus which I thought was the amazing part of the song, prolonging the drop to make the final chorus feel a little more impactful. Snapshot is a song that I would gladly replay again and again for its energy and the heartbeat lines.

I actually thought the video was rather suitable for the song. While it does have that typical vibe to it, the flashy lights and how classy the members looked made the video feel so much cooler and modern. That screen in the background displays really cool effect that compliments both the set built around it and the members. Talking about the members, they take the modelling concept, as seen by the amount of walking they do down the catwalk.

There seems to be some voguing going on in this choreography. It does fit in with their concept, so it does work. I also really liked the ‘heartbeat go fast, heartbeat go slow‘ moves and the Snapshot move during the chorus. Overall, I thought the entire dance choreography was quite good.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

[Review] Amazing – IN2IT

During the week, IN2IT made their debut on the stage. For those who don’t know, the group was formed through the survival show, BOYS24. The show just never took off and never reached the same level of appeal as its competitors. Given the large gap between the show and the actual debut date, the show has seemed to undermine what popularity the members had gained throughout the show. But regardless of those observations, the group is made of 8 members (the Top 8 to be exact) and made their debut with their first mini-album, Carpe Diem.

The title track from the mini-album is Amazing and sadly, the title doesn’t capture the main sound of the song. Amazing takes on the tropical house. A side of me wants to say that is plain and boring now. It used to be something that I was into but since the genre has been so overworked, I have kind of gone on to find something new. However, there is a side of me that is appreciating the track. The weather has been gloomy the past few days (and in the next week), so a song like this does make it feel a lot sunnier. But sadly, I think the lack of appeal from the various elements of the song is overwhelming, leaving me disappointed with the final product. The vocals/rap don’t capture my attention. The instrumental (as previously discussed) is quite generic. The song doesn’t feel catchy and it doesn’t have me wanting more.

Shot in Kazakhstan, the video does an okay job at introducing the group to the viewers. I just felt like some of the scenes where they are singing to the music just really staged and unnatural, such as when one the members are singing while leaning on the car. Their interactions with one another seem a lot more appealing to my eyes. The choreography shots were pretty nice, along with the sots towards the end with the scenery and landscape. But besides that, the video just shows the guys having some fun on a road trip. Nothing that special, when you think about it.

Choreography wise, I thought it was quite good. Not amazing, like the song title, but decent enough for a debut.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating  – 6/10