[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of April 2018

I really need to figure out a new way to start this post. But welcome to the 4th week of April 2018. And it is Sunday (or Saturday, depending on where you live). So you all know it is time for the weekly charts! Before this gets any cheesier, let’s go forward with the post!

Topping this week’s chart is VIXX’s Scentist, which was released last week. Also released last week is IN2IT’s Snapshot, which I can say now is extremely addictive. Shine by Pentagon has been on the charts for a while but this is their first week in the Top 3 since its release. Last week’s number 1 song (What Is Love? by TWICE) drops down to fourth place, while Eric Nam’s Honestly completes this week’s lineup of the Top 5.

Last week I acknowledge some of the songs that jumped up quite a large amount of positions. We saw the same thing this week with Wanna One’s IPU and BSS’s Just Do It, with both songs jumping over 30 positions to return to the Top 30.  Just missing the mark this week in 31st and 32nd place is Mad Clown & Ailee’s Thirst and Winner’s Everyday respectively.

For more of the charts, scroll down below.

22nd Apr – 28th Apr 2018
Title Artist Status
1 Scentist VIXX (▲ 13)
2 Snapshot IN2IT (▲ 13)
3 Shine Pentagon (▲ 5)
4 What Is Love? TWICE (▼ 3)
5 Honestly Eric Nam (▲ 6)
6 Call Your Name JBJ (▲ 7)
7 That Day Lovelyz (new)
8 I.P.U Wanna One (▲ 39)
9 Tulips Snuper (new)
10 Boomerang Wanna One (▲ 13)
11 Jealousy Monsta X (▼ 5)
12 Just Do It BSS (Seventeen) (▲ 34)
13 Dally Hyolyn (new)
14 District 9 Stray Kids (▲ 2)
15 The Light IMFACT (▲ 18)
16 Dreams Come True WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (▲ 2)
17 Sense UNB (▼ 8)
18 Only One UNB (▲ 13)
19 Still Love You Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) & Yoo Hwe Sung (N.Flying) (▼ 12)
20 Giddy Up The Boyz (▼ 8)
21 Blooming Days EXO-CBX (▼ 18)
22 Easy Wheein (Mamamoo) ft. Sik-K (▲ 3)
23 Mirror Stray Kids (new)
24 Starry Night Mamamoo (▲ 4)
25 Lo Siento Super Junior ft. Leslie Grace (▼ 15)
26 Look GOT7 (▼ 4)
27 Lady EXID (▼ 22)
28 Crazy, Gone Crazy Berry Good (new)
29 Baby The Rose (▼ 8)
30 The Only Star Hwang Chi Yeul (new)

Songs leaving the chart this week and will not appear on the charts starting next are:

  • True Love – Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite)
  • Mamma Mia – SF9
  • Dreams Come True – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
  • Baby Don’t Stop – NCT U
  • One and Only You – GOT7 ft. Hyolyn
  • So Do You – Seo Eun Kwang (BTOB) & N.CA

Hope you all have another fantastic week!

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