[Album Review] What Is Love? (5th Mini Album) – TWICE

TWICE returned a few weeks back with What Is Love? and like their past tracks, it is undeniable that they have taken over the charts once again. This is my album review for their album release, including the physical album only song, Stuck. It is also long overdue that I focused on some album reviews for the female artists and TWICE’s album was the first one to peak my interest. So let’s get going with the review.

What Is Love? Album Cover

1..What Is Love? (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for What Is Love?. (8.8/10) 

2. Sweet Talker – The song does have some negatives and positive aspects to it. The instrumental, which was quite upbeat, seemed to be similar to a video game soundtrack or almost like 8–bit (with a few extra elements). The vocals were good and the rapping was quite nice. Talking about rapping, the pre-chorus was my most favourite part of the track. I did expect it to be a little catchier, especially with its upbeat nature. The hook was good at first but felt repetitive towards the end. It typical pop sound did also feel a little bland, in my opinion. But it was a good song overall. (7/10)

3. Ho! – What really screams out loud is the retro vibes that feature in the song. What I also liked was the vocal work by the main vocalists for the chorus, which really pushed the song further. When compared to the chorus the verses do feel a little flat but standalone, they were quite nice as well. While I don’t have much else to say about Ho!, the song does shine quite well on the album. (9/10)

4. Déjà Vu – Starting off the song are some rapping but I am not too keen on that part of the track. It just didn’t sit well with me. The verses were a little quirky with the instrumental, which sounds like old country music played on a banjo. The song gets a little confusing as it progresses due to its random transitions yet returning to its original sound. For example, that EDM instrumental break just felt to heavy in comparison to the rest of the song and I question why it is there. Hence, it creates a messy atmosphere, The drums for the “Na-Na-Na” hook were nice but rest of song was too confusing for my taste. (6/10)

5. Say Yes – Normally, I am not too much of a fan for these types of songs. However, Say Yes showcases great vocal work and gets you swaying along. It is a soft pop song, with a great ending to the song with the guitar and vocalisation. I think the song would have benefited from some harmonies, which would also prove to some listeners out there, their ability to sing (which they don’t really focus much in their title track). (8.5/10)

6. Stuck – But out of all the songs on this tracklist, Stuck was the ultimate song. While I have limited comments for this track, I pick this as the literal hidden gem of the album, as you can only find this track on the physical album. It showcases amazing vocals (which was heard in the previous track but it sounds so different when comparing the two). I actually thought some of the melodies (particularly in the chorus) were nostalgic of some of their past tracks. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

What Is Love? Music Video Screenshot

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