[Review] Time For The Moon Night – GFRIEND

Making their comeback today is GFRIEND with Time For The Moon Night. This is the title track and title for their 6th mini-album, which I yet to decide whether I will be writing an album review for (the highlight medley sounded really good). Hands up if I should!!! 2017 was a very busy year for the group with hits like Fingertip, Love Whisper and Summer Rain.

Time For The Moon Night initially felt very underwhelming. It just lacked energy in my point of view. But after a couple of listens, I think it is safe to say that Time For The Moon Night is definitely growing on me. Joining their usual dance side with classical-based instrumental, the group managed to showcase great vocals from each member. Yuju’s high note was superb. The chorus is still growing on me but there is definitely a nice ring to it. I like how Eunha sang the first part of the chorus at the start but it had a completely different feel, which was definitely interesting. Also, the lyrics take on a very depressing note. The song is described as being about thinking about a lover during the night. To me, it felt like the members were wondering about their friendship with this person who is no longer by their said (for unknown reasons). Do check out the lyrics to the song when you get a chance to listen to the song and see what you think of it. Overall, it was a nice song to listen to.

I think watching the music video first influenced my take on the lyrics. We see Eunha spending a lot of time alone during the video. This may be because her friends (the other members) all left here (for unknown reasons) and she imagines them being there. Sowon kisses her on the head when she sleeps like how someone would say goodbye to someone (and no, it isn’t a good night type of kiss). Eunha realizes she is alone at 3:23 of the video and the members are shining a light into her eyes but she is unfazed (they are also outside). That is my take on the video. I actually thought the dried up grassland was a nice place to set the video, with the room’s colour matching the colour of the grassland. Overall, it is also a nice video to watch.

I love the start of the performance with Eunha facing the front and the others are in the curved formation that shows the ascending moon.  The chorus was quite fast-paced but their moves remained graceful. Just mildly disappointed by the length of the dance break just before the bridge (which has always been my favourite part of the performance).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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