[Album Review] Void (1st Mini Album) – The Rose

The Rose probably is high up there on the list of underrated artists that need recognition fast for their talent. This is especially since after their latest comeback with Baby (link below). They have a unique sound that is unheard of on the KPOP platform, which makes them stand out. So, it only makes sense to have a closer look at their very first mini-album, right? Well, that is what we are doing today! Also featured on the mini-album are their two past title tracks, which I have very brief comments regarding them in the review below (since I have not done a review for them).

Void Album Cover

1..Candy (So Good) – What really draws my attention to most of The Rose’s songs is the British Pop and indie feel, which they were first known for. It is extremely unique in both the KPOP and Korean music scene. Candy features really husky yet nice and interesting vocals. It is the literal icing on the cake for this song. As for the song, I thought the song would have built up but it remained relatively consistent. While I have mentioned this being an issue for past songs, this is a key charm of this tracks. Its only main flaw is its shortness. (9/10) 

2. Baby (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Baby. (9.6/10)

3. I.L.Y. – What this song is a beautiful ballad. It starts off extremely slow (which works really well) and then the introduction of the drums (and some energy) into the ballad really gave it a fresh breath of life. The chorus was also extremely nice with harmonies throughout the chorus giving the song that beauty to making it beautiful.  (9/10)

4. SorrySorry was released back in August 2017. It features an awesome opener (which is also the start of the choruses) that really grabs your attention from the get-go. Their vocals were also a defining moment of the song with the huskiness on display (but not as much as in the first track). I found the chorus to be a great section of the song to just ‘rock’ along with. Since its release in August, I found that I would continually come back to this song. Even until this day, I haven’t grown tired of it, which shows its longevity and quality. (10/10)

5. Like We Used To (좋았는데)Like We Used To was released in October. Unfortunately, out of all the tracks that they have released thus far, this one is the least interesting (in my point of view). The instrumental does stand out as there were plenty of good moments within the song (despite the depressing lyrics). The vocals, on the other hand, were lacking and just plain. (6/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

Void Album Teaser

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