[Review] Angel – IZ

This is my first time hearing about IZ, yet they made their debut last year (which I somehow did not notice or completely missed). IZ is a 4-member boy band under Music K Entertainment who debuted with All You Want in August 2017. Jihoo, Hyunjun, Junyoung and Woosu returned on May 1st for the first time since debuting with Angel.

When you listen to this song as it appears on your playlist, it actually sounds decent. However, it is when I start making notes in my head for these reviews that I start noticing flaws of the track. The song lacks memorable elements. It fails to have a powerful hook that grabs your attention. While what we have does ring in your head for a while, it isn’t necessary that same sensation as you get with a really catchy song that engraves its hook into your mind. This just barely scratches the surface. Another thing that the song lacks in is energy. I feel like intensity was there but I felt like it there was a more powerful hook, it would have made the song much more interesting. Instead, it felt like it was going back and forth. The vocals were okay and the rapping was decent. But while it may sound like I don’t really like the song, I am not too troubled by it when I am listening to it when doing homework or working on other stuff. (I know it is odd but that is my honest opinion about the song).

While the music video does seem to feature that same generic issue that the song also faced, it felt fitting with the seriousness of the song. Once again, the same sets are used. I think my take on the plotline of the video makes it interesting for me. It seems like the members are finding this ‘angel‘ who has left feathers from her wings behind and a pearl necklace, which on the members hold onto. But it seems like the serious nature of the video/song and the microphone wires binding to the members, this person is no ‘angel’. That’s my take on it. I may be completely wrong.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.6/10

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