[Special] LOOΠΔ Predebut Solo Song Reviews – Part 2

Please note these special posts are designed to be long and may require some time to read (if you plan on reading the entire post). To help shorten the length, the music video will be inserted as hyperlinked titles, so feel free to click the title of each section to watch the video.

After multiple requests about LOOΠΔ and reviews for their pre-release singles, it is time to start focusing on what seems to be a very promising girl group. Each Wednesday for the month of May, I will be releasing a special set of reviews for the LOOΠΔ members, which will focus on both their main and side-tracks as well.

LOOΠΔ is a 12-member girl group under Blockberry Creative. While they have yet to officially debut, their pre-debut promotion is extremely unusual. Starting in October 2016, each month a new member of the group is unveiled to the public. This continued until the end of March 2018. And with the completion of this pre-debut promotions, the group will be preparing and gearing up for their official debut which has been rumoured to be October this year.

Once I heard the project, I decided to wait for all the songs to be released (similar to what I did with previous project releases). I just didn’t anticipate for it to be such a long wait, as they also unveiled subunits made up of the already revealed members along the way, which drew the project out even longer. Talking about subunits, this is not the first time I have spoken about LOOΠΔ, as I have taken some time out to review and look closely to their subunit releases, which you can find out below.

LOOΠΔ 1/3 – Love & Live & Sonatine
LOOΠΔ Odd Eye Circle – Girl Front & Sweet Crazy Love

Today’s post will look at the main tracks from the final 6 members of LOOΠΔ. I will be focusing on the song and music video standalone, as I am interested in doing another special post focusing on the connections between their music videos.

Singing In The Rain – Jinsoul (June 2017)


Jinsoul is the seventh member of the group. Currently, the song was one of my favourites. However, this wasn’t the case when it first came out. The EDM chorus (which was the song’s big moment) felt plain at first. However, now I think that is quite powerful piece of instrumental. I think the song should have featured a more defined drop because it caused the song to come off weak (hence my initial thoughts). It became quite catchy and enjoyable. I particularly liked the second half of the bridge and the pre-choruses, which did give some hype to the song. For the music video, it was rather aesthetic. I really liked the dominance of the blue colour throughout the video. As for the choreography, I thought it was extremely fitting for the song (really enjoyed the scenes where Jinsoul performed on water, that was quite cool).

Love Cherry Motion – Choerry (July 2017)


The eighth member of the group is Choerry. The song was quite smooth, which complimented her vocal styles really nicely. The song flowed effortlessly between verses to chorus and vice versa. While I did appreciate the upbeat vibes of the song, I was a little disappointed with the chorus. I felt like it could have been a little bolder and interesting. I really liked the post-chorus instrumental break, which changes as you go along. It prevents the song from becoming too repetitive, which definitely made it a lot better. The music video has a nice mysterious concept which definitely makes you ask questions about its meaning. I really liked the emphasis on the purple. As for the choreography, I thought it was extremely fitting, with when the song changes up (post chorus), the choreography seems to divert in the same direction.

New – Yves (November 2017)


Yves is the ninth member of the group. Her song has to be one of the best sounding songs, which also had one of the best buildups to the chorus that I have heard in a while. The thumping in the background for the verses was quite cool, in my opinion. The chorus was definitely my favourite part, with the deep voices in the background providing a unique form of instrumentation to the chorus. Her vocals were also really good in the song. While it is clear that the video has connections to the other LOOΠΔ videos, I have to say that when it is considered alone, it has this really pleasing aesthetic feel to it. The choreography also seems to be the best in the entire project with those choreography scenes definitely captivating me.

Heart Attack – Chuu (December 2017)


Hands down, Heart Attack is the best song in the entire project for me. Throughout the entire song, I was blown away by the extremely strong vocals, with them being the main selling point of the song. The entire orchestral-liked instrumental manages to remain upbeat and energetic, which I also think made this track extremely memorable. Her raps were okay but they added an extra fun element to the song, which definitely added more to what was there. I love the chorus, which sounded catchy and incredibly cute. The music video was also quite cute but extremely creepy at the same time. Essentially, Chuu is stalking Yves throughout the entire video. And I am not too sure if Yves knows about it or not. I personally liked the video because it puts a twist on something that could be a little too creepy for some people, which makes it memorable. The choreography was also a weak point of the video but it doesn’t affect the song’s impact for me!

One & Only – Go Won (January 2018)


Go Won (the eleventh member of the group) presents us with what I would consider being a weak song. The elements alone were nice but as a whole, the song lacked impact. The repetition of the ‘One & Only’ was intriguing. The instrumental was nice. The raps were good, while the vocals felt standard. Just when you put these together, it just didn’t work out to be that winning combination. The music video also seemed to play on from Chuu’s video, with Go Won being stalked by some members in the background. However, it is a lot more eerie and dark. The framing of the video was interesting and not seen so often. There wasn’t much choreography in the video to make a comment regarding it.

Egoist – Olivia Hye ft. Jinsoul (March 2018)


Olivia Hye is the twelfth and final member to be revealed as part of LOOΠΔ. The song was amazing despite it misleading me into thinking it was just a standard dance track. Instead, the song leans towards the EDM spectrum, featuring awesome synths. I really liked the whistling effect and the instrumental breakdown featured throughout the song. The song did lack edginess but this was added through Jinsoul’s rap sequence (which I also quite liked). Olivia’s music video started off mysterious but took a turn to creepiness with the appearance of the red eyes. The choreography was pretty good just not that mindblowing as the song.

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