[Review] Touch It – Cross Gene

Cross Gene made their first comeback in over a year yesterday. Their latest comeback single is titled as Touch It. This is also the group’s first comeback as a 5-member group after the departure of Casper in August last year. They were last on stage with Black Or White in February 2017. They also debuted a subunit last year called X HEARTS, which I somehow missed.

I feel like Touch It is another solid song from Cross Gene. It does lack some things to make it that winning song for the group. The song doesn’t really feature a chorus. Instead, it utilises instrumentation as its main hook. While it isn’t that troubling, I feel like if the song has a hook via the traditional lyrical approach, the song could have been much more memorable. That being said, the words uttered before the chorus (and the pre-chorus) do have that same effect and it does ring in your head throughout the song. Talking about the instrumental, the song takes on the tropical sound, which I think sounds a lot better since the trend has died down and not every song released features that sound. I thought the vocals were pretty good and I wished the rapping was extended for a long time frame, mainly because it was extremely well suited and kept the song from becoming too repetitive. Overall, I personally liked the song and thought it was pretty good.

The feel like the music video should have stuck with the ominous and mysterious concept. Those last few seconds where Takyua rejoins the guys and they act surprised in an exaggerating manner just ruined the suspense and mystery that the video was building up. Essentially, the guys follow this mysterious lady around and find themselves going through portals that lead them to different places, which I believe all end up being traps of some kind. As if she is luring them. I thought that part of the video was well done, despite it being extremely typical and standard.

I really enjoyed the performance. Those pieces of fabrics that start off as blindfolds were used very well in the performance to give off a sensual yet elegant vibe, which is rather interesting given the musical choice. With that said, I really enjoyed the chorus and it keeps the choreography captivating.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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