[Album Review] Escape The Era (2nd Mini Album) – Dream Catcher

One of the few albums that were released in the past few weeks that I was aiming to have a closer look at is Dream Catcher’s Escape the Era. But unfortunately, my studies got in the way and prevented me from writing any album reviews (mainly because they are time intensive). So with no further delays, this is my review for Dream Catcher’s latest mini-album and comeback. Like always, I have opted to not look at the intro or instrumental of the title track in this review.

Escape The Era Album Cover

2. You & I (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of You & I. (10/10)

3. Mayday – With the constant comment that their songs are suitable for the Japanese anime opening markets, it was no surprise that one of their side tracks would fall into the same category. The song is takes on that rock style that has been associated with them since their debut last year. What was interesting was that there were moments in which the intense rock sound contrasted with the softer opening line to the second verse and the bridge (which introduced some piano into the song). While I did feel like the song lost energy through this, the way they brought their energy back up to complete song was really nice, which gives it that seal of approval from me. (8.5/10)

4. Which A Star (어느 별) – Taking us on a different route, Dream Catcher throws in a pleasant pop sound that is incredibly softer than any of their past title tracks. In a way, it was a well-earned rest from the intense nature of the title track and preceding song. The song features great vocals and had amazing melodies which made it nice to listen to. Some singers tend to go down the emotional route with their changeup on track lists, so I liked how Dream Catcher managed to go in a different direction (most likely as their title tracks are emotional driven). (8/10)

5. Scar (이 더럽고도 추한…) – Ending the album is the sound that do best. They bring back the rock instrumental for this ballad-like song. Unlike the other songs, I thought the verses were the strongest part of the song, as it showed more of the group’s vocal capabilities (it somehow felt more delicate and softer than in the previous song). The chorus was surprisingly lacking in energy despite the instrumental and the vocals in the chorus didn’t really have any momentum. I did also like the rapping and its accompanying instrumentation, which gave the song intensity and energy that was lacking from the chorus. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

Escape The Era Teaser Image

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3 thoughts on “[Album Review] Escape The Era (2nd Mini Album) – Dream Catcher

  1. I personally think it’s Dreamcatcher’s best mini album up to date. No hating towards obvious ballads from their previous pieces (Lullaby and It’s Okay), but this EP is god damn solid.

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    1. I haven’t really heard their previous albums in full yet (only bits and pieces). But from what I have heard, I think you are right! It is their best yet (but their old stuff is still good!)

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