[Review] Bingle Bangle – AOA

Making their comeback after over a year’s absence from the KPOP scenes is AOA. Their last comeback was at the very start of last year with Bing Bing and Excuse Me. This time around, they return with Bingle Bangle, which is the title for both their title track and 5th mini-album. This is also the group’s first comeback since the departure of ChoA, which was confirmed about a year ago.

The last few days I have been talking about a list of songs that I am currently on a replaying binge. And it seems like the list is growing longer by the day. AOA’s Bingle Bangle finds itself on that very same list. The song, well-suited for the Summer period that is approaching imminently, is extremely catchy with its very simple and easy repetition. It doesn’t help that the section in question is super bright and features catchy whistling as well. I really liked Yuna’s parts just before the chorus kicks in, which shows us she is capable of taking over the main vocalist position. The one member I was most concerned was Jimin, as her rapping style doesn’t really compliment the song’s sound. However, I was quite wrong with that assumption and also thought her section was one of the best. I am totally digging the song and just want to continue listening to the song.

AOA takes on a concept change with the music video. And I really like what they did. The concept seems to be retro gaming, where the members of AOA (excluding Mina) are characters within the game. Mina spends the entirety of the day playing the games, only taking a break when she falls asleep. Within the game, the members notice how far Mina is levelling up and once she reaches 4000 points, she too enters the game (but takes on an 8-bit form). What also makes this music video feel more retro is that the members are on rollerskates and the game is set at a diner. It was a well-produced video and it had a fun concept, which made it even more likeable.

I love the choreography for this comeback. Especially during the Bingle Bangle repetition, which was my favourite bit of the entire performance. The members also looked like they were enjoying themselves on stage.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10


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