[Review] Good Evening – SHINee

It has been a long while since we heard from SHINee, who last promoted together in 2016. Their last promotional cycle was for Tell Me What To Do. The group made their debut in May 2008, so this comeback cycle celebrates their 10 years together as a group. Their comeback promotions this time is a little unique, with the album split into 3 sections and will be unveiled every fortnight from tonight. The first title track is Good Evening (this review). We also already have the titles for their second and third title tracks, which are I Want You and You Left Me respectively.

Good Evening kicks off their promotions and it does not let you down. The song is super catchy and addictive with its electronic pop instrumentation. On top of that, they throw in their amazing vocals and rapping (from both Minho and Key), you have a winning formula. Their harmonies during the sections in which they sing together had this alluring feel to it, which drew my attention. Onew’s vocals sounded so good in the song and the rappers did a fantastic job with the rap section. It is a ridiculously groovy track that joins the list of songs that I have mentioned previously to be on my continuous replaying list. And if this is what they are kicking off the promotions with, I am keen to hear what they have coming up in the weeks to come.

Their music video is extremely artistic this time around. While it has that same colour feel to View, the video seems to be a spinoff of F(x)’s 4 Walls, with some scenes reminding me of the latter. My guess with what the video is trying to send over is that there has been some tension but they managed to figure it all out at the end. One of my most favourite scenes from the entire video is when the rapping starts and the members are dancing (while sitting down) under the plastic film. That looked awesome and really took the aesthetics in these music videos to whole new level.

While there hasn’t been a stage yet, I think there is enough in the music video to say it is awesome. Particularly that dance break during the instrumentation at 3:24 to 3:30 of the music video. On top of that, it seems the aesthetics charms from the music video also featured in their choreography, with some parts looking amazing and very artistic.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performane – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

I didn’t want to remind people of the sad events that shocked the KPOP industry in December last year within the review. Despite losing a member, I am glad to see SHINee back and still doing well. I think it is also the common belief that the video also pays tribute to Jonghyun with the inclusion of a 5th shadow at the well scene. Jonghyun will always be missed. 


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