[Review] Sunshower – Boyfriend

The honest reality of the KPOP industry is that if you don’t make comebacks, you will be forgotten and that is what is happening to Boyfriend. Their last promotion cycle was with Star last year. Donghyun went on The Unit for a second chance (and just missed out on a spot in UNB). And while that show has wrapped a few months ago, there has yet to be any comeback. There was one release, Sunshower, which was released one week ago as a single for their fans in celebration of their 7th year anniversary.

Sunshower is a ballad that is about remembering the good memories, which is a fitting topic for fans. It is a good ballad with nice vocals and harmonies. You can hear the happiness in their voices, as it isn’t a typical emotional ballad about a breakup. I find that an important aspect of the song and I feel that they did a good job of conveying the nostalgic emotion. The rapping was extremely well done. The song picked up right when the raps started off the second verses, which allowed the raps to fit right in. My only main beef against the song is that I don’t really connect with it and hence, I find it quite plain. Maybe it is because I am not 100% a fan but rather an occasional listener. It may be because I have forgotten about them. Either way, I just find the song quite dry and bland.

The music video does a good job of conveying the song in a visual context. It shows the members when they were younger, while at school. They spend their days in art class, playing soccer or enjoying their youth in the rain. Throughout the video, we see the members sitting around class or arriving at the school, which holds their precious memories and remember those nostalgic moments with each other. It is a touching video.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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