[Review] Complete – ONF

With the recent news that the supposed male group formed through YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE was not going ahead, a number of the groups associated announced their long-awaited comeback. ONF is the youngest boy group under WM Entertainment, who made their debut last year with ON/OFF. After a 10 month period, the group has returned with their second mini-album (You Complete Me) and the title track, Complete.

I really liked the song for a number of reasons. Complete was extremely energetic and upbeat, which really gets to you (in a good way). From the start, it felt like we were thrown into a very active and enjoyable party. The song takes on the tropical route but it has some elements that make it unique. Starting off with the chorus, I really liked the vocals within the first line. That already won me over to begin with (I am easily pleased) and I enjoyed expecting it every time the chorus was due to occur.  But what really kicks the song up a notch is the brass tune that really bumps the energy up. Honestly, it was quite un-expecting. However, it made the song stand out for me and I enjoy replaying the song just for that part. I pretty much liked the muffled effect that brought the bridge into play and the EDM drops just before the final chorus, while also maintaining that same tune. Overall, the song is pretty much A+ and this is exactly why I will continue coming back to it.

I am not exactly sure what is going on in the video. It seems to be just shots of the guys having fun. But I wasn’t sure where the crashed plane parts were meant to fit in. Despite that however, the music video does help enhance the song. I don’t know because visually the video doesn’t account too much (from what I can interpret from it). It might be because the editing for the video is done so to match the song perfectly, which is why I think it does a really good job at complimenting the song.

I like how there was still a playful routine within the strict boundaries of the set moves in the performance. And while the members look physically tired here, the group definitely enjoys being on stage. I really liked the footwork when the brass hook kicks in and the start of the final chorus (connection from the bridge). Really nice performance, overall.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9.5/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

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