[Review] Take Me Higher – A.C.E

With the recent news that the supposed male group formed through YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE was not going ahead, a number of the groups associated announced their long-awaited comeback. A.C.E marks their return with their first mini-album, Adventures in Wonderland. The album consists of their previous main title tracks (Cactus and Callin’), along with the latest title track, Take Me Higher. The group has also returned with 4 members only, as Chan is promoting as part of UNB.

If you were expecting something like their previous title tracks (like me), you will be surprised with what the group went with. I don’t want to describe as the song as traditional, but compared with their EDM tracks, this song does sound rather traditional. There are no electronic synths or EDM elements in this song. Instead, it employs more of a pop sound. That ebing siad, I am really enjoying the song (partly due to its unexpected sound). The chorus of the song reminds me of Human Nature feel-good type of song. It just makes you want to smile. On top of that, the song zones right into the vocal abilities of the group and it shows how good their voices are. On top of that, the rapping fitted perfectly into the song. While the rappers tone was deep, it was well-paced to match the tempo of the song, which makes it fit in nicely. Overall, Take Me Higher was a another pretty good song, just not what I had expected.

To match the tone of the song, the video brings on colour and a playful concept. And from the start, it was a nice video to watch. I did notice that some of their outfits in the video seemed to be purposely allowing some skin to show. I personally thought it looked rather odd in this video (though I guess it makes sense for a video released in Summer). But besides that, it was a good video fitting for the song.

Their performance was quite good. On top of that, I think they performed live in the performance I am watching, which seems to be a huge feat, given how jumpy their performance is. I really liked the second half of the chorus when they get into the diagonal formation.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

3 thoughts on “[Review] Take Me Higher – A.C.E

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I’m really loving this comeback. And yes, A.C.E. perform live and they mentioned how they had to practice singing this song whilst jogging because of how hard it was to sing live whilst doing the choreography!

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