[Review] BAAM – Momoland

After topping the charts with their smash hit Boom Boom, Momoland is back at it again with a new song in hopes that it replicates the same chart performance as Boom Boom (which is still on the charts as we speak). BAAM is the title track off their 4th mini-album, Fun To The World. The girls have also recently made their Japanese debut with their insanely popular song.

While the BAAM does sound similar to Boom Boom, BAAM is loaded with energy from the get-go. It has this club heavy beat and saxophone synths that really open it up to be quite catchy. The ‘BAAM BAAM’ repititon proved to be quite addictive and also added an element of fun. The song also takes a moment to focus more of the vocals of the group, particularly during the pre-chorus. The only section that I am not falling for (once again) is the rap sequence. It just doesn’t flow in this song felt too distinct for the rest of the song. I felt like they could have lost this section enitrely and still would have been fine with another verse, similar to the first. While I do like the song quite a bit, it is a little disappointing that the group didn’t venture into something different. But I understand why they are returning with a similar song, as it aims to build upon their success.

Watching the teaser for the video, I was wondering how the public would view the various cultures that was represented in this video. In the music video, we have France, Vietnam, Egypt, Korean, Mexico, Phillipines and America shown in the video. While I didn’t take offence through their depiction of the ladies in Ao Dai using a cucumber as a phone (I am Vietnamese), some other cultures and people may be. For example, I am seeing some issues arising in the comment section of the music video due to the presence of the Phillipines’ flag (this is actually the first time I have heard that is was illegal to show the flag). Besides that, it was a fun and lighthearted video, which worked well with the fun elements of the song. I thought the scenes with the Korean person in Ancient Egypt was funny.

I am a little torn about the choreography. The routine for the chorus was a little too similar for my liking to their Boom Boom dance (i.e. the hip swaying). On top of that, I thought the shuffle was rather unoriginal and have been the main point of a few dances (such as TARA’s Lovey Dovey). But I really liked the bridge of the song and the overall feel of the dance, which was also quite fun.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

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