[Review] Shoot Me – DAY6

Who is excited for DAY6’s comeback? Ever since I heard the album highlight medley, I have been wanting to hear this song and finally, it is here!!! DAY6 returns with Shoot Me and the mini-album, Shoot Me: Youth Vol. 1. This is the band’s first comeback since wrapping up their 2017 monthly releases. On top of that, the band also made their Japanese debut with If (We Can Meet Again) and will be returning the Japanese market with their Stop The Rain comeback in July.

I have been wanting a song to be described as a powerful rock sound for quite some time and I think DAY6 has managed to deliver with Shoot Me. And Shoot Me is really good on so many fronts. The chorus is undeniably catchy with its ‘Bang Bang‘ and ‘Bullet Bullet Bullet‘ start and explosive due to the drums. I have replayed it a number of times already since its release already, excited to relive the chorus each time. In really liked the pre-chorus which built up perfectly to the chorus. Jae’s vocals in this section was also amazing. I also really liked the intensity of the bridge, which was definitely another moment which I really enjoyed. My only one complaint would have to be how short the song was . But other than that, Shoot Me is a damn catchy song.

The music video shows a couple arguing. And from the combinations of the lyrics and the visuals, it seems her words have become bullets which continually wound him. I thought this was great imagery that showcases the lyrics in an interesting manner. But rather than limiting this to just lovers, everyone else in the cafe takes aim at him, which may suggest that harsh comments were said to him (irrelevant to the romantic storyline). He fights back with his fair share of bullets but he doesn’t hit any of them, suggesting that his comments back didn’t offend them directly or that he stood up for himself. The concept was rather intriguing and unique, which also has a strong message within it. Not sure about how violence seemed to be downplayed towards the end of the video (i.e. bullet holes through his shirt vs. paint splashing about) but this may allude to the nature of his comments that he fired back.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10

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