[Review] Summer Night’s Dream – FTISLAND

FTISLAND is officially back on stage with a brand new single, Summer Night’s Dream, which is featured on their 6th mini-album, What If. The band, celebrated 10 years last year, with the release of Wind marking the milestone. And they didn’t stop after that, as the group released an album in Japan earlier this year. Minhwan became a father to a young boy back in May (and became engaged to Yulhee – former member of Laboum).

Summer Night’s Dream doesn’t really appeal to me. I found the song conforming to the sound of some of the younger band’s in the industry, which really feels like it was a backwards move in my mind. To me, FT Island releases these intense songs but this one feels too sugary for me, in comparison. It does lack energy and definitely that intensity aspect that I know FT Island for. The song took on a light reggae sound and they managed to throw in some rock, which I thought was decent, towards the end. Hongki’s vocals were good but they weren’t amazing as in the past. I did like how some of the other members contributed to the song throughout the song, which was a first I believe (usually one of them only get a small section). Maybe if the rock was more prevalent with a side of reggae instead, I would have enjoyed it more but sadly that was not the case this time.

The music video shows Hongki falling in love while working with this lady, who is also in the same line of work (mascots giving out flyers). He picks up with magical magnifying glass and it shows him this alternate reality where he does manage to take her out on a date and kind of woo her with a spectacular onstage performance. Once the credits roll, we see Hongki wake up in her presence but in reality, he wakes up with the rest of FTISLAND kicking him. I am not too sure what the purpose of the rest of the group was in the video, though there were some weird vibes given out. Going back to the sugary vibe from the song, the video is practically coated with it. I myself am not too keen on it but it was quite fitting for the song.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 5.4/10


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