[Review] Between Us – Laboum

Laboum quickly rose to the towards the top of my ‘favourite artists’ list in the past few years, so with the announcement of their comeback, I was super excited. Unexpectedly, the group has forgone their cute image and gone for a more mature concept this time. This concept is delivered via the song Between Us. Since their last comeback (Only U), Yulee left the group (and is now a mother/engaged to Minhwan from FTISLAND), while ZN re-debuted as part of the project group UNI.T (Haein and Yujeong also participated on the show but did not get as far).

Between Us is an interesting mix of good but also boring points. The mature sound is definitely very appealing in my opinion, showing a different side of the group. And while it is mature sound, there is also this hint of fragility which I find very intriguing for some odd reason. However, as much as I want to enjoy the song, I do find it very stagnant in terms of buildup and lacking in any energy whatsoever. The song does provide some moments in which it cuts the slow atmosphere, such as that squeaky synth halfway through the 1st verse and the buildup to the final chorus. I did like their vocals and thought the chorus was decent, despite the slowness. Overall, I thought the song has potential but it does need some more energy to make it more memorable.

The music video was well shot yet simple for a sensual video. The scenes seem a little cryptic, especially for an audience who doesn’t know the Korean language. For example, why was Solbin kissing the mirror reflection? It did bring my attention to a peak but I wasn’t sure why that was the case. I liked the dark background for the choreography shots and the overall feel was appropriate for the sound and mature concept.

I actually liked the choreography, which was fitting for the slowness of the song. I liked moves featured during the chorus and the bridge.  The issue with the performance was their blue outfit (shown in the music video), which I think was ill-fitting for the song. It screams beach concept and bright songs, not sexy and mature. The dress was more fitting for the concept, overall.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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